Thank you for your greetings!

It's my birthday! Thank you for all those who greeted me online. I am grateful that even though I didn't publish my birthday in Facebook and some people may forget but others remembered it. My office always sends me a birthday card, which is so sweet!

I also wanted to thank some of the brands that I love and supported since I migrated here in United States - Kohl's, Ulta, A&W, New York & Co and Nothing Bundt Cake. I know there are a lot of freebies to claim like free coffee in Starbucks, free Jamba Juice, free appetizers, discounts on restaurants and so many too mention. But I am so lazy going to all stores and spend some cash to redeem my freebies.

How to get those freebies? Simply be a member of their mailing list or be a rewards member. Others, you have to purchase or maintain a certain amount to become platinum rewards holder which you can score freebies and special discounts even if it's not your birthday!

I'm writing this blog post to celebrate my 39th birthday! I don't have much "fun stuff" to do because it's Wednesday and I have work. It's still cold outside so I'm reserving my off days for Summer!

I am not that active on blogging for several months because it's winter and I just love to binge watching my favorite shows at home or have seen my favorite movies in cinemas like Black Panther. January and February was the coldest months so I went hibernate and enjoy the cold season. Hey, I remembered that we watched Shrek, The Musical in February and it was so awesome! I think I'm going to start watching musical plays or any stage plays this year. Shrek was produced by Maine East High School in Niles. Great job by the students and the orchestra. The scenes were so funny and I kept laughing watching the donkey!

I have another play to watch in April but I'm not going to talk about it. I'll save it for my next blog post.

It's almost Spring but snow won't stop (giving its last shot for the season!) I am thinking of planning what to do in Spring/Summer this year.

  • Visiting a museum on a free days

  • Outdoor Park adventures

  • Watching outdoor concerts

  • Free Zumba session in Rosemont

  • Swimming (will check the open schedule)

  • Food trucks (or waiting for Hello Kitty Cafe truck)

  • Market Day in the neighborhood

  • Library Events

Thanks for reading my blog! Have a great week to everyone!


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