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Festival Polonaise 2017

We love attending summer events and this time it's by our neighborhood!

Festival Polonaise is a weekend event to honor the local Polish community and share their natural heritage of Polish arts and culture, food and tradition.

The event takes place in Golf Mill Park - Niles , Illinois and the attraction includes: commercial booths (clothes, accessories and sponsors), amusement park for the kids, medical station for free blood pressure check and health advice, art exhibitions, stage for entertainment and what I love most - the food booth!

Festival Polonaise 2017#Niles #golfmillpark @golfmillsc
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Instragram won't show all photos, so you need to scroll to right to view the rest of the photos!

Festival Polonaise 2017
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Polish Pop Singer, KÆYRA

The rides at Festival Polonaise 2017 #Niles #golfmillpark @golfmillsc
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What went wrong with Zark's 8th anniversary burger stampede

I am so surprised and shocked when I logged in to my Social Media this morning (US CST time) when I saw photos and videos of huge crowd rushed inside the mall and stormed the Zark's burger chain during their anniversary promo.

I'm like, what's going on?????

— Titan (@_CEREALKILL3R) August 28, 2017
Jusko... 1st 80 para maka-avail ng Php8.00 Zark's

Burger. Parang may Zombie Apocalypse!!! ?

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— Titan (@_CEREALKILL3R) August 28, 2017

Jollibee: ...
McDo: ...
Angel's Burger:

Minute Burger: ...
Zark's Burger: ?

Warren Bocaya (@warrenp0gi) August 28, 2017

According to their announcement on their Facebook page, it was clearly stated that "FIRST 80 CUSTOMERS" can enjoy their limited offer. I don't think there's a miscommunication on this because it was specifically written on the page about the mechanics:

On our 8th anniversary (August 28, 2017), first 80 customers can …

Fandom Fest Comic Convention in Niles-Maine Library

Our library was transformed into different world of superheroes, a galaxy of Sci-Fi characters and fantasy. Fandom Fest is a one day celebration of pop culture, geek and comics organized by Niles-Maine Library in Illinois. Attendees had a chance to dressed as their favorite characters (cosplay) and take photos with members from 501st Legion.

The concept was inspired from different "Comic Cons" and the library hosted the event for all ages - free admission! Hosting such kind of event will encourage everyone to appreciate comic books, TV shows and movies. Fandom Fest also feature an artist gallery, trivia contests, a family friendly cosplay parade, creative workshop, art painting and meeting MeTV's Svengoolie as their special guest.

There is also an upcoming schedule of panel discussions and workshops like fangirls and feminism, drawing workshops and tabletop gaming.

Overall, the event itself is a success and I hope our library will make this as an annual event in Summer p…

Countdown to Chicago's Eclipse 2017

Note: I added the post event update below

Tomorrow, August 21, 2017 at around 11:54am, the biggest event is about to happen when the Moon will start to block Chicago's view of the Sun!

I have seen different eclipses when I was in the Philippines but this time I am so excited because we're going to witness a total solar eclipse! During those times, we used a small basin with water or old X-ray films.

There are viewing areas to see the eclipse: at the Alder Planetarium, Daley Plaza, Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and in Perryville, MO.

We got our free solar eclipse glasses at Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago and there are free outdoor activities like block party and educational talks with experts and Astronomers!

Go to this website for more information about Chicago Solar Eclipse:

Watch the 2017 Solar Eclipse posted by ABC7 Chicago.

Make sure your Solar eclipse glasses were purchased from reputab…

Ultra Super Green - the best organic and natural grocery hub in QuezonCity

Ultra Super Green is a little piece of heaven for organic products located along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City.

Locally grown and manufactured, the products are certified organic yet lower cost compared to the counterparts found in most supermarkets. I got excited to find items i only find in high-end supermarkets being sold at a more affordable price since they are locally produced.

Ultra Super Green products are all natural grown, eco-friendly and prices are competitive compared with supermarkets.

Featuring the some of the top local brands:

Milea organics
Messy Bessy
Yamang Bukid
Greenola flax seeds
Coco Wonder
Alaminos Goat’s Milk Star
Creative Baker’s Organic Gluten-free
Bayani Brew
Organic Alley
Green Mama
DeMetrio’s local wines
Coco Dolce Dark chocolate
The store's location is accessible to all residents near Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City and situated near by schools/college campuses and nearby UP Town Center. They also encourage organic shoppers like health conscious and some …

A string of thoughts and a stray piece of mind

Instead of lengthy discussions about issues this and that, how about you go back from the start and how you do things back in the day? Can you go back to that? Or do you have something to go back to? Some things start for all the wrong reasons, and thus led to issues being encountered now.

How about we all pause and think back how we do things when we were all starting? It was all about our personal experiences, adventures and whatnots. What happened to that? What happened to now?

How about we do that again? Can we do that again? I know i can, but can you?

And if you can, will you? Because i will and i am doing it now. I suggest you do it to. Take a step back and restart. It's not too hard. Compared to what's going on now, taking a step back to step one and restarting is easier and a much wiser decision, not to mention a very needed one.

You might wonder what exactly am i pertaining to. Nothing in particular to be honest. That's how i initially wanted this to be, but seei…

Inside the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum - Springfield, Illinois

This was my second time to visit Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. I love going back to this place because this museum has a state of the art exhibits and you'll be amaze of its special effects. You'll learn a lot of Lincoln's life story from his childhood, as a political aspirant and when He was elected as the President of the United States.

Upon entering the museum, you'll see a modeled figures of Lincoln family standing at the center of the Plaza. Guests were welcomed by a volunteer asking you if its your first time and She/He will be giving you some initial instructions and recommendations on where to go first like touring the Indiana log cabin, the Blue Room of the White House, Election House and Ford's Theater.

[gallery size="large" ids="11594,11595,11596,11597,11598,11599,11600,11601,11602"]

Inside the museum, you will see a modeled life size installation of Lincoln's life transformation, audio and visual presentations of events durin…

Touring Inside Abraham Lincoln's Home in Springfield, Illinois

Our second destination was to visit  Abraham Lincoln's House in Springfield, Illinois. You have to get a FREE ticket at the Visitor Center and make sure you arrive 5 to 10 minutes before of your scheduled tour. Tickets are first-come, first-serve basis so plan your visit accordingly.

[gallery order="DESC" columns="2" size="medium" ids="11580,11581"]

Before entering the house, the park rangers / tour guide will discuss some important matters and the do's and don'ts: any kind of food and beverage were not allowed to bring inside, no gums, no flash photography, no touching of decorations, leaning on the wall is not allowed and do not step beyond that blue line. Because the House was built during 180-ish so the materials were very antique and sensitive.

You can also see other restored houses like the Arnold House and Harriet Dean house. The Lincoln Home is open daily from 8:30 am to 5 pm and inside the Visitor Center you can buy memorabilia…

Abraham Lincoln Tomb in Springfield, Illinois

We're on a road trip to St Louis, Missouri and we decided to stop over at Springfield, Illinois to visit the following tourist attractions: Abraham Lincoln's tomb, his home and the Presidential Museum and Library.

Our first destination: Lincoln's Tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery

The Lincoln tomb was his final resting place together with his wife, Mary, and 3 of their 4 sons. The monument was completed in 1874, mostly made of brick sheathed with Quincy granite and designed by Larkin Mead - a fame sculptor.

[gallery columns="4" size="medium" ids="11568,11569,11570,11571,11572,11573,11574,11575"]

Inside the monument you can see versions of Lincoln's statues, plaques, and some excerpts form his farewell address to Springfield, the Gettysburg Address, and his Second Inaugural Address.

At the entrance to the Tomb is a bronze bust of Mr. Lincoln. Visitors from around the world have stopped to rub the nose of the statue for good luck.

Oak Ridge Cemetery
1441 M…

Best things to do in downtown Chicago this Summer

As the temperature gets warmer (and hotter!), there's no reason for us to celebrate! Chicago have a lot of activities and it's about time for us to take advantage of Summer season. You can go out and start stretching your legs on the trails or parks or have a blast in a beer summer festival or take a side trip to concerts and festivities.

If you are planning to go to Chicago this Summer, make sure you check out of the best things to do:

1. Navy Pier Centennial Wheel
See the iconic Chicago Skyline above 200 feet. Navy Pier's Centennial wheel has an excellent view of Chicago and Lake Michigan.

2. Millennium Park
Enjoy free outdoor concerts, movies and fitness activities. Millennium Park is one of the best place to visit this Summer.

3. 360 Chicago
Also known as John Hancock Observatory, you can't miss the view on top of 94th floor. Capture Michigan Avenue and discover the history of Chicago in 360 degrees. Don't forget to try TILT, wherein you'll able to stand in a glas…