A string of thoughts and a stray piece of mind

Instead of lengthy discussions about issues this and that, how about you go back from the start and how you do things back in the day? Can you go back to that? Or do you have something to go back to? Some things start for all the wrong reasons, and thus led to issues being encountered now.

How about we all pause and think back how we do things when we were all starting? It was all about our personal experiences, adventures and whatnots. What happened to that? What happened to now?

How about we do that again? Can we do that again? I know i can, but can you?

And if you can, will you? Because i will and i am doing it now. I suggest you do it to. Take a step back and restart. It's not too hard. Compared to what's going on now, taking a step back to step one and restarting is easier and a much wiser decision, not to mention a very needed one.

You might wonder what exactly am i pertaining to. Nothing in particular to be honest. That's how i initially wanted this to be, but seeing that issues are sprouting here and there, i can't help but relate this post to anything and everything this could possibly relate to.

Andrea is an Occasional Pastry chef. Occasional Blogger. Full-time Superhero.


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