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GlamBox -Airbrush Cosmetics

GlamBox Airbrush Cosmetics PRESS RELEASE   Airbrush makeup is the next generation of makeup. Once developed solely for the TV and film industry to hide skin flaws under dramatic lighting or new technologies like HDTV (High Definition TV), airbrush is ahead of traditional makeup in terms of both effective coverage and feel. Since airbrush makeup is sprayed on as fine mist over the skin, it produces a natural flawless complexion. It doesn’t rub into the skin or emphasize pores and it allows the skin to breathe through its light texture. You may have only heard of airbrush from a makeup professional or a bride who spent a steep price on a session for her wedding day. So, when you hear of airbrush make up, you immediately assume that you don’t have the skill to handle it or that it’s going to cost you. In the past, airbrush systems have been expensive, complicated and hard to find. But now with the GlamBox Airbrush Kit you can easily achieve professional looking coverage and face color ev

4th Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2009 - Dec 16-22, 2009!

Don't forget this one of a kind Toy Fair in Metro Manila! 4th Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2009 - Dec 16-22, 2009! Megatradehall 3, SM Megamall read more here

Discover 31 days of Holiday Magic at Eastwood City

It must be the first time that Manila mall rats have seen such an ingenious Christmas door sticker. The Eastwood Mall sliding glass door entrances to the Open Park bear cute and heart warming stickers that people can’t help but be amazed. The more popular side is the one that shows a couple kissing underneath a mistletoe. The other side, meanwhile shows two women with shopping bags. And when the door closes… .. the women will be met with their adorable kids! J The Eastwood Mall dancing fountain show will also be dancing to well loved Christmas songs Meanwhile, for those who dream of a White Christmas, Eastwood City made it come true for you. At the Eastwood City Walk 2, is The Christmas Village at Eastwood City . Life size houses dot the scale village surrounded by trees sprinkled with adorable lights and embellishment. On all weekends of December novelty and gift shops will become the Village Neighbors selling unique Christmas gift ideas.