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Unboxing my LootCrate Sanrio Winter Edition 2018 #SmallGiftCrate

Before we say good bye to 2018 and welcome 2019, am excited to share this quarter's Sanrio LootCrate Winter Edition also known as "Let it Snow," as the cold weather approaches we need something to keep us warm. Say Hello to these new collections that I received on my mail today.

Watch my unboxing video:

Multi-Character Mug
Enjoy hot cocoa or coffee and keep warm with Multi-Character Mug featuring Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Keroppi, My Melody and Pompompurin.

Hello Kitty Plush Throw Pillow
Snuggle up at home with this super soft and super cutie Hello Kitty Snowman pillow plush

Multi-Character Scarf
Stay warm and bundle up with this double knit fringe scarf featuring Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Keroppi, My Melody and Pompompurin!

Multi-Character Socks
Stay comfy and warm wearing this Multi-Character socks featuring Hello Kitty, Keroppi, My Melody and Pompompurin.

Multi-Character Embroidered Patch Pin Set
Accessorize your favorite winter top with Hello Kitty and Little…

[Press Release] LifeScience Institute highlights Functional Medicine, arevolutionary approach to healthcare

LifeScience Institute successfully brought to the fore the role of Functional Medicine in addressing complex chronic and noncommunicable diseases in a recently concluded conference held at the Enderun Colleges in Taguig City.

The Advancing Functional Medicine (AFM) conference, which was the first of its kind in the Southeast Asian region, was in collaboration with the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM).

According to the World Health Organization, eight out of 10 deaths in the region were caused by NCDs such as chronic respiratory diseases, cancers, and cardiovascular diseases. Leaders from the Pacific have declared these a health and economic crisis and a threat to human development. In response to the NCD epidemic in the Pacific, LSI brought together IFM’s esteemed faculty to discuss Functional Medicine and its role in addressing chronic NCDs.

Dr. Robert Luby, IFM ExecutiveDirector of Medical Education discusses the global non-communicablediseases epidemic and how FM can help man…

Hello Kitty Meet & Greet at Claire's Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL

I've been thinking of going somewhere out of town to see Hello Kitty but the long wait is over!

Hello Kitty is launching super size squish collectibles at Claire's. Squishies are soft material manufactured in different sizes and shapes (mostly inspired by your favorite toys, characters or food) and made out of Polyurethane. These toys they said to relieve stress by pressing the toy or "squishing." [often known as "stress balls]

Claire's store launched Hello Kitty Super squish collectibles. These are shaped like large donuts features metallic rainbow frosting and pink bow or a rainbow pastel frosting with matching unicorn horn. These are super cute and handy, you can carry them on your purse or leave it on your office desk and use them to relief hand stress.

The super size Hello Kitty squishies are sold at $24.99(currently Claire's has a buy 3, get 3 promo a perfect deal for holiday gifting).

Other sizes also available and prices are ranging from $9.99 t…

Mylan launches Hepatitis C awareness campaign in association with theHepatology Society of Philippines

Around 1% of the estimated 100 million Filipinos have chronic hepatitis C1

 Michael De Mesa with members of the Hepatology Society of the Philippines Dr. Edhel Tripon and Dr. Jade Jamias

Pasig, Philippines, 08 NovemberMylan, one of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical companies, in association with the Hepatology Society of Philippines (HSP), launched an awareness campaign for Hepatitis C in the country. The BEATHepC (Become educated, aware, tested and treated) campaign aims at spreading awareness about the disease. It will include dissemination of information through pamphlets and promoting screening among Filipinos at risk.

The Department of Health (DoH) estimates that around 1% of the Filipino population has chronic hepatitis C1. According to the 2010 study on Global Burden of Disease by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, university of Washington viral hepatitis causes 1 million deaths each year in the Asia Pacific region. Hepatitis C is endemic in the Philippin…

American Boy Band IRL (In Real Life) - Watch In Real Life Philippineslive at SM Supermalls #InRealLifeBoyband #IRLonTour2018 #InRealLifePh


Boy Band is an American music reality show and one of my fave show to watch in Summer 2017. Young male aspiring artists competed with each other and the final five members who remained undefeated will become a member of a new boy band. The show hosted by Rita Ora and guidance from Nick Carter, Emma Bunton and Timbaland who helped these guys to nurture their talent and discover their skills.

Thirty young male artists joined the audition and selected to the next round. The judges picked 18 boys and divided them into three groups. Each week, the group will perform and one member will got eliminated. The remaining contestants will be group again and perform each week. Scores are based from audience votes and judges will announce the final group members.

Meet the members:
Brady Tutton
Chance Perez
Drew Ramos
Sergio Calderon
Michael Conor
Official Website:

Watch In Real Life Philippines live at SM Supermalls:

November 6- SM Mall of Asia

Philippines paves the way for functional medicine in SEA through thefirst IFM conference in the region

Functional Medicine is experiencing a rapid development across the globe. In the Philippines, LifeScience Institute (LSI) champions this approach through various initiatives to educate, train and pursue research on Functional Medicine.

LSI collaborated with The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) to bring the first Advancing Functional Medicine (AFM) Conference in Southeast Asia, happening on November 16 and 17, at the Enderun Colleges in Taguig City.

With the theme “Uncovering the Interconnections Between Inflammation, the Gastrointestinal Tract and Toxic Exposure,” it brings together over 300 local and international doctors and other allied health professionals to talk about the underlying causes of complex chronic diseases through the Functional Medicine model.

The conference is the first of its kind in the Southeast Asian region. It will put the spotlight on the whole-body approach of Functional Medicine, which will equip doctors and patients to understand the body in its holi…

How Can Resveratrol Help Women

If we are to compare who has more effort becoming healthier between men and women, the answer would be the latter. Girls, admit it, you are more conscious of the way you look then Adam's race. It is like you always need to stay good looking and young. It is very evident when you go to gyms or drugstores. You will see more women than men. A lot of women are biting to any fast weight loss diet, thinking lie it is their mission to stay fit. Some are also depending on anti-aging creams being sold on many beauty shops. And women behaving like this are applauded by most men. They love them more. And with this discovery of “resveratrol”, ladies who are already informed have probably found a bliss form sweats and exhaustion.

More than fast weight loss and anti aging, resveratrol supplements can do more for women. Researches being found and funded are experiencing major developments. Some even say that the said compound is the greatest discovery of all time, along with antibiotics, and the…

The Supercute Carnival: -Lootcrate ♥️ Sanrio Fall 2018 Edition

Take a trip to a magical midway full of fun, games and friendship as this month's theme is "The Supercute Carnival," transform your world with exclusive goodies along with your Sanrio friends!

Watch my unboxing video:

Hello Kitty Neon Variant Figure
This vinyl Hello Kitty figure comes in different neon color variants: pink, rare blue and ultra rare green

Multi-character hip pack
I almost bought a hip pack for my walking/outdoor adventure, a perfect accessory this season!

Multi-character T-Shirt
All my favorites are in this shirt- Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Badtz-Maru, Keroppi, My Melody, Chococat and Pompompurin!

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Wearing my lootcrate hello sanrio fall edition 2018 shirt goodie!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗 #smallgiftcrate @sanrio #lootcratesanrio @hellokitty #hellosanrio
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Multi-Character embroidered patch pin set
Another batch of my patch pin collection!

Multi-character notebook

Summer Splash - Unboxing My LootCrate Sanrio 2018

Summer is not yet over! I am so excited to unbox my lootcrate since it got delayed and I have to wait for 1 item before I reveal what's inside the box.

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Summer is not yet over! Here's my Lootcrate Sanrio 💗 Summer Splash Edition 2018 #smallgiftcrate #sanrio @hellokitty #lootcratesanrio
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Here are the cute summer exclusively from LootCrate Sanrio Small Gift Crate!

Multi-Character Toiletry Pouch
Clear holographic pouch featuring mermaid Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Tuxedosam and Hangyodon

Hello Kitty Mermaid Plush
With her rainbow tail and bow, Hello Kitty transformed into mermaid!

Embroidered Patch Pin Set
Accessorize with embroidered pin set featuring Hello Kitty, Tuxedosam and Hangyodon.

Multi-Character Tank top
Blue tank top featuring My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Tuxedosam and Hangyodon visiting mermaid Hello Kitty in her castle under the sea!

Multi-Character Sarong
Silky Saro…

Meteor Garden 2018 - My Thoughts

Warning: Some of my posts below contain spoilers and based on my opinion.
So, read at your own risk.

When Meteor Garden was introduced in the Philippines. It was an instant hit and created a "Meteor Fever." I remembered those days that I've been fangirling to F4 and even watched their concerts in Manila and followed them abroad to attend their shows and album launching.

After a decade, a New Meteor Garden (remake) is trying to make another hit featuring the same story line but there were added scenes which made more interesting to watch.

When Netflix got the rights for the drama. I was so excited because I won't be able to browse online to look for Engligh Subtitles.

The new Shan Cai's character is sometimes aggressive but yet sweet. Shen Yue's acting needs more improvement on the first 6 episodes making me hard to understand her expressions. She made adjustments on her acting when Shan Cai began to admit herself that she loves Dao Ming Si and willing to figh…

My 4 days adventure in Indianapolis + Gen Con 2018

Indianapolis is the capital of state of Indiana. It is approximately 3 hours to 4 hours drive from Chicago (184.1 miles) and less than an hour flight.

My original plan was to take a train or bus going to Indianapolis but unfortunately there's no early schedule in the morning so I've decided to book a flight through American Airlines.

I'm so lucky that I've got a TSA PreCheck, that means I am not removing my shoes and jacket while entering the security check machine.

The flight is less than an hour and what I like in Indianapolis International Airport is their designated pick up terminal for Uber/Lyft users so I headed and follow the signs going through the parking terminal pick up.

Welcome to Indy
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We're staying at Indianapolis Marriott Downtown adjacent to the Indiana Convention Center. My sister and her husband (and friends) were attending Gen Con 2018. I bought Sunday badge for the exhibit…

Induo's Annual Ladies Pampering Event

I was looking for something to do on a weekend when I checked Facebook Events near me and discovered this pampering event held in Chicago Marriot O'Hare which is 20 minutes travel from home via Uber right by Cumberland CTA Blue Line.

I arrived before noon and paid $5 for the entrance fee (the fee is good for two actually!). They also sell raffle tickets which will be draw around 12:30 PM and 2:30 PM (the catch: you should be physically present on the event when your number is called!).

Free services include: hydrating hand treatment and massage, collagen hand treatment with polish, mini makeovers, hair styling, free nail art and massages!

The first thing I did was to signed up for a free massage. It was a 3 minutes free massage but you can add $1 per minute if you want to extend the time. So, I signed up for 10 minutes and paid $7.

I also walked over the booths and talked to the vendors on what they were offering - I was really interested on aromatherapy oils and accessories!

The …

Nippon Paint (Coatings) Philippines, Inc. announced the holding of thesearch for the Asia Young Designer Award (AYDA) for the year 2018.

Carrying the theme “FORWARD: Challenging Design Boundaries,” AYDA 2018 encourages Architecture and Interior Design students to depart from their usual comfort zones. They are tasked to challenge the vernacular archetypes and present design boundaries so they can come up with more creative creations in a variety of ways possible.

During the last decade, several design disruptions have created a tremendous impact on the design industry with a more recurring pattern and consumer behaviors that have influenced the way people interpret spaces. Notions like “adaptive reuse,” “disruptive technology,” and “experimental tectonics” came up in the industry so Architecture and Design communities were presented with a new challenge: to reconsider, rethink and recreate new codes of aesthetics out of the box.

AYDA 2018 is a design competition open to Architecture and Interior Design students (third-year onwards). Each student is allowed to submit One (1) entry. Deadline for submission of entries is o…

Meteor Garden 2018 Reboot: Meet the cast, watch the trailer andMVs #MeteorGarden2018

After 17 years (if my calculation is right), the new Meteor Garden is back. The reboot has 48 episode which will air on Hunan Satellite TV from July 9th every Monday to Wednesday at 22:00 Mango TV Entertainment (please confirm if this is correct!).

We already knew that the story was inspired from Japanese manga Boys over Flowers and to my surprise, Harlem Yu and Penny Dai agreed to use their songs in the opening and closing. I am not much familiar with the cast and am trying to fill in some information based from reading their profiles online but I know there will be a lot of comparison from original cast (they're the best for me! but let's give the new cast members a chance). I watched the trailers and I've found out that they filmed in different locations which to me is very interesting to see. Storyline is somehow adapating the current school environment. I'm looking forward to watch it with English subtitles online. Please share if you have any other additional inf…

Toycon PH 2018 is a new playground for fandoms - news clips,performances and highlights

It's already July and Toycon PH 2018 is over but the memories are still fresh. I gathered some clips from Youtube, Facebook, etc to highlights the best of the best performances of Kaye Cal, Sistar member and leader Hyolyn and with the Voice Philippines Janice Javer.


Kaye Cal

Also, most clips were taken from the interviews during the event.

One News

ANC Early Edition

ABS-CBN News TV Patrol

credits to the owners/ youtubers / vloggers / news agencies

I'm still gathering some resources and if you wish to add your video on this Toycon PH blog post, please post your links below.

I also wanted to thank my friends for sharing their photos & videos. I'm going to upload the entire album on Facebook but here are some of my favorite photos!

Jeff took a selife with a Darna cosplayer and submitted this photo to Toycon as his selfie entry. He won the contest but left early at the event so the prize is forfeited LOL

Toys Reign Even When It Rains - Toycon Day 2 Coverage

It was my first time heading to the annual Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention during a rainy day. But what the event has in store was definitely worth it for those who brave the downpour.

A rain of toys
I entered the SMX Convention Center slightly drenched from the rain outside. But all the activity and the people moving around made the convention hall a little warmer inside.

Right from the entrance, visitors like me were greeted by an impressive display featuring local superheroes Darna, Captain Barbell, and Lastikman. The booth contains several impressive large-sized statues of Mars Ravelo's three most iconic characters.

There are also a generous helping of T-shirt’s, posters, and other merchandise for fans.
The booth was a nice reminder that these three characters still are popular despite the lack of mainstream presence in the last few years. As of late, the Darna movie teased in last year’s Toycon to feature actress Liza Soberano has yet to go into productio…

2018 Toycon PH Poplife FanXperience - Day 1 - Presscon and EventHighlights

I remembered when a group of toy collectors meet up in a small conference room, showing their collections and chatting about their favorite characters. There was never a dull moment seeing them exchanging views on the latest superhero or sci-fi movies, comics they read and tips on where to find good stuff.

After few years, a group was formed "The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles" aka TOYCON PH. They started to organized an event for all toys, collectibles, hobbies, comics, gaming and a lot of pop culture! From a small venue to occupying all halls in Megatrade Hall - Toycon is one of the largest convention in Manila! The rest is history. Many tried to copy their style, but Toycon is much more dedicated and well-experienced compared with the others who only want to earn money. Toycon has a heart and passion in what they do. No event is perfect so they are trying to be more flexible by listening to what the attendees would like to experience. From small spaces they mov…