Meteor Garden 2018 - My Thoughts

Warning: Some of my posts below contain spoilers and based on my opinion.
So, read at your own risk.

When Meteor Garden was introduced in the Philippines. It was an instant hit and created a "Meteor Fever." I remembered those days that I've been fangirling to F4 and even watched their concerts in Manila and followed them abroad to attend their shows and album launching.

After a decade, a New Meteor Garden (remake) is trying to make another hit featuring the same story line but there were added scenes which made more interesting to watch.

When Netflix got the rights for the drama. I was so excited because I won't be able to browse online to look for Engligh Subtitles.

The new Shan Cai's character is sometimes aggressive but yet sweet. Shen Yue's acting needs more improvement on the first 6 episodes making me hard to understand her expressions. She made adjustments on her acting when Shan Cai began to admit herself that she loves Dao Ming Si and willing to fight their relationship.

While Dao Ming Si, played by Dylan Wang is a bit of immature and lack of expression. But He continues to improve his acting and you'll able to connect with him through his emotions. I'm sure girls are "kilig" with his smile.

Both looked good together but they lack confidence on acting. Just like watching a teenage girl and boy fighting over nonsense issues. Well, that's how their love story goes....

What I only like on the remake is how each F4 character was introduced. From annoying, immature, boastful and arrogant to smart and well educated. I like the charm of the new Hua Ze Lei (Darren Chen). I'm sure you noticed how charming He is. I'm not sure with the other two, they seemed lack confidence as Mei Zuo and Xi Men.

I know there will be a lot of comparisons as my friends didn't want to watch it because they want to keep the original series as "memorable" as it can be. Unlike me, I was very curious how the remake twisted the story.

With few additions and twists, the remake went really bad especially when they are trying to build the relationship between Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai.

The production quality has improved since the original don't have enough budget but the remake was very lavish. The scenes in London and Canada were quite exciting and unique. I love the Chinese restaurant scene when they were eating their last meal together, the "walking away and running each other" at London Bridge and when both of them woke up on a stranded island.

I just finished watching the remake on Friday and I was so disappointed on the last 3 episodes. The storyline went crazy and the wedding part is awful! I know how cute they are together but that part which still I don't understand if Shan Cai is still dreaming or is it a wedding prank?

I only like when the original soundtrack was played on the background. They also incorporated new songs which suited for the millennial audience.

I know it is so hard if we compare the original vs remake. Just enjoy watching.

My two cents.


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