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From Globe Telecom: Media Advisory on Text Scam - Please Share!

To all postpaid subscribers, you may now validate those unusual texts and calls. Read the media advisory below for more information. Globe Telecom advises its postpaid subscribers to take precaution and not fall victim to fraudulent text messages currently circulating. The text scam attracts people by informing them that they can get a discount or be entitled to a rebate on their monthly bill once they text a certain number. A sample message states: “GLOBE Postpaid: Congrats!You're the one selected postpaid plan given P150 discount billing, to get your P150 discount billing just text 150 send to 2916XXXXXXX.” By adding the number “2” before the 10-digit cell phone number of the recipient, the unsuspecting subscriber would have done a Share-A-Load transaction, thus the sum of 150 pesos would be transferred or credited to the sending prepaid number. Subscribers are requested to validate unusual texts and calls especially if they do not come from official four-digit Globe numbers. T

Friday Donuts Overload: Mister Donut's Latest Offerings

It was a fun friday night at Mister Donut's Bloggers Night held at Bigoli in Eastwood City. Our first activity was finding our perfect match, "seeing doubles". Heart shaped boxes were distributed and we should find our match (example like hansel and gretel / romeo and juliet). I was fortunate to find my match blogger and it was really a riot looking for your match. Next activity we had was getting to know more about the latest offering of Mister Donut for 2013. Aside from their regular treats, our all-time favorite 'Bavarian' is now in 'doubles' - the New Bavarian Doubles has two delectable flavors in one regular donut. Double the fun, Twice the Sweetness. You can choose among these three variants: Classic Bavarian & Choco Fudge, Coffee & Caramel, Choco & Caramel . Super sulit at P130 for box of 10. Here is the latest TVC of Bavarian Doubles featuring Bitoy and Little Miss Philippines Ryzza Mae Dizon Donuts + Buchi Fusion = DoChi I was really

Skincare and a movie

I love weekends. This is the only time wherein I can enjoy the rest of the day and I decided to participate in Skintech's activity held in Director's Club of SM Cinemas at Mall of Asia in Pasay. That was my very first time to check on their latest products 'Fiona Cologne' and 'Grips'. The program started with a brief background of Skintech products. Also, there was a short Q&A program. Some of these are: Thinking of where you can buy Skintech products? Check out your favorite supermarkets, drugstores and major outlets nationwide such as: Puregold Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Super 8 Supermarket, Landmark Supermarket, Shopwise, Rustan's Supermarket, Ever Supermarket, Waltermart Mall, Parco Supermarket, Cherry Foodarama, Southstar Drug, Sta. Lucia Mall, Unimart, Makati Supermarket, Cash and Carry, Isetann Supermarket, Metro Gaisano, Ultra Mega Supermarket, Pioneer Supermarket, Mightee Mart, Citimart Mall, Rose Pharmacy, CSI Mall, Magic Mall Fiona C

Globe is exclusive PH carrier of the Samsung Galaxy SIII mini

OMG, I wanted to own something unique this year and planning to get a new phone. I've read in the news recently that Globe Telecom is bringing Samsung Galaxy SIII mini which has a very affordable plan to offer to all Globe subscribers. Grabe this exclusive offer from January 23 to February 28 and enjoy as low as P999 monthly.   Other Freebies include (A) 10-minute calls and 200 SMS to Globe/TM, (B) 5-minute calls and 25 SMS to other networks, (C) 20-minute IDD and 10 iSMS to 10 destinations and (D) unlimited calls and texts to 1 Globe/TM number. Read the Press Release below for more information. Teheeee, I should get a new phone right now! LOL

On Using Fragrance and Perfume

Fiona Cologne Premium Fragrance has a gentle, fresh fragrance with a pleasant combination of scents to leave your skin smelling clean and fresh. There are different fragrances to choose from: Raspberry Drops, Cool Burst, Youthful Bliss, Pretty Mist, Snow Breeze, Bubbly Pink and Ice Glacier. They say that fragrances and perfumes evolved from time to time usually comes with various scents. Some are made of fresh, natural, and floral scents. We have our own preferences when it comes to scent, but for me, I am a big fan of floral or anything that is oriental or natural. Women prefer choosing their fragrance or perfume based on their personality and her personality reflects on what scent is she using. There were times we would like to use scents recommended by our friends or any members of the family. When we are outside, we usually influence by promotional ads (maybe our favorite personalities endorses the product or we love the brand). Because am allergic to

Interesting Facts in Using Hair Gels

Grips Hair Gel Strong Hold with Aloe Vera keeps the hair neat. Your hair will look natural and never greasy. Style your hair with confidence while enjoying the fresh scent of Aloe Vera. One of the most hair styling products available in the market - is Hair gel . These are in various formats and have their own purpose which can be in strong hold or medium hold. Some are also made in organic and usually transparent in color. Grips Hair Gel Extra Strong Hold with D-Panthenol has a maximum hold performance and control. It was developed for people who have active lifestyles. This gel allows any styling versatility and long lasting hold without weighing the hair down. Here are some of interesting facts you should know about hair gels: Natural Ingredients. If you are in doubt about hair gel's composition then worry no more, hair gels are also made with natural ingredients to take care of our hair and scalp. Check on the label and you'll read about PVPs that usually holds the hair.

How to win: The Araneta Center Food Trip Passport

Here is your chance to win an exclusive Food Trip Passport worth P10,000 for FREE! Yes, that is right. You will be dining from selected partner restaurants for FREE! Read below details on how to join the contest. Don't forget to visit the new fan page for more exciting promos.   What is a Food Trip Passport? The Food Trip Passport is a special ticket that entitles its holder to several free meals at a designated sponsoring restaurant at the Araneta Center (Gateway Mall, Coliseum Circle, Farmers Plaza, Farmers Market, Ali Mall, and Shopwise). A.) The Food Trip Passport entitles a holder to P1000 worth of food at an establishment for every visit, valid for a total of 10 visits (equivalent to P10,000 worth of food). B.) The Food Trip Passport is non-transferable and not convertible to cash. C.) The holder should consume the P1000 for every visit. Any unused amount left will not be valid for the remaining visits. D.) The Food Trip Passport

It's Great Northern Sale once again at SM City North Edsa on February 1,2 and 3 @smnorthedsa

One of the best activity I do every weekend is going to the malls and check out if there are good deals to purchase. Good thing that there is another Great Northern Sale happening on the love month, February 1,2 and 3 at SM City North EDSA. So expect huge crowd, traffic and up to 70% off markdown prices on selected brands. I remembered I scored awesome goodies last time and hoping to look for some more items. See you next week! More details at smnedsa Follow at Twitter @smnorthedsa

Google Analytics: Not Provided, Explained

When you logged in to your Google Analytics and checked on your data, you will always see this - "Not Provided" under Organic Search Traffic. So, are we losing so much data? Google counts the visit to organic search, definitely you will know if you have searched for a particular keyword without logging in to your Google Account. I know you will freak out if this is your first time to visit your Google Analytics account. My recommendation is to also visit your Google Webmaster Tools Data and compare the search terms you have for your site for the last 90 days. Or, custom filter the word "Not Provided" and allow only to see a different results using a separate Google Analytics Profile How To Turn (Not Provided) Into Useful, Actionable Data

Out of focus?

There were times that when heavy loads strikes you - emails, personal FB messages, Direct Twitter messages, SMS, calls and chats and you don't know how to focus and increase your productivity. Sometimes we  give up easily and walked around to think or stay out of focus (I usually step out of the building if I cannot concentrate with my work and buy some coffee or milktea, thanks to breaktime!). Upon reading this article today, the digital world is giving us too much constraint and we really hard to focus ( perfect example: which one to blog first, lol!). Quoting from David Work (HarperCollins, 2009) "Distractions signal that something has changed" ... A distraction is an alert says, ‘Orient your attention here now; this could be dangerous.’” How tiring it is to work on something really needs your brain to concentrate specially if you are a decision maker (like me, winks). What I did lately was to list down all pending things need to do and cross out when am done. I lo

All You Can Eat, All You Can Drink "Buffet Style" Wine Dinner at Heat, Edsa Shangri-La Hotel

  Here's something interesting I read on my inbox, a Very first ALL YOU CAN EAT, ALL YOU CAN DRINK "Buffet Style" Wine Dinner at HEAT, Edsa Shangri-la Hotel on January 23, 2013 at 7pm. Featuring select wines from Chile's Ultra Modern Winery VI√ĎA MONTGRAS & Australia's Oldest Family Owned Winery YALUMBA. Limited seats sell for only P1950.00 net. So, what are you waiting for? Book Now!

Panimula, Jason Fernandez Album Launch January 18 at Metrowalk

“I have been working on this album for the past year, and I am very proud with how everything turned out,” says Jason. “The wait is definitely worth it. The album follows my journey as a musician.” Here is your chance to meet and jam with former Rivermaya vocalist Jason Fernandez on his first solo album launch this Friday, January 18, 8pm at Metrowalk. His album is under Ivory Music and Video, consists of six tracks plus one bonus track. The album’s first single, the anthemic Maria challenges the listeners to rethink their ways and further highlights the versatility of Jason’s vocals. Panimula also includes a collaboration between Jason and Pop-rock Princess Yeng Constantino in the sweeping ballad Panaginip. Jason Fernandez is being managed by Orion Entertainment, alongside Noel Cabangon, Kimpoy Feliciano, Malay, Jordan Bautista, Six Part Invention, Jensen Gomez, Runmanila, Aspen Way, and She’s Only Sixteen. For inquiries and bookings, please call 0916-4140358 or email olrac1023@gmail.

Translacion 2013: Feast of the Black Nazarene Documented

Translacion , as described in the Spanish dictionary is about "moving something from one place to another" which a more appropriate word for the feast of Black Nazarene (oftentimes we used the term, procession) . As participants to this 'panata' which has been being transfer from our generation is really important because not only you will get involved in this ritual but also a profession of your faith. Through the Black Nazarene's translacion many people are returning a favor (if their wish has been granted), asking for forgiveness, healing and wishing for more blessings and guidance for the entire year. Our journey started at our meeting point in Isetann Recto, good thing that McDonald's fast food chain is open at that time so I decided to take a breakfast while waiting for my brother. After that, we headed towards Quezon Boulevard wherein the street is filled with people (of all ages) to attend the mass or waiting for the Black Nazarene to arrive. Busines

2013: Celebrating with Champagne and Fireworks

Where did you spent your New Year's Eve? While some went on different New Year countdown parties and concerts singing Auld Lang Syne (hehe) , others opted to stay home with their family. I had an amazing New Year celebration with the entire family at EDSA Shang Rila Hotel in Mandaluyong (a good reward for being such a hardworking person-thats me!) Because I don't want to have another allergy asthma attack during New Year because of heavy smoke outside the streets, I have decided to join Kuya Az, Ashton, Lace and the rest of the gang to welcome the New Year. Now, I have been thinking that I should list down my 'bucketlist of New Year Celebration' ... I am dreaming of celebrating New Year in different ways like like attending New Year Countdown concerts, at the beach, going out of country (Disneyland maybe) or pampering myself in Spa (crazy idea!). The weather is warm and sunny, so after checking in we took our lunch and enjoy the cool breeze of hotel's swimming po

Holiday Celebrations 2012

December is one of the most stressful month wherein everybody is on streets and malls buying decorations, shop for gifts and attending parties left and right celebrations. Every year I am looking forward for a long weekend celebrations and good thing that I had more days off! Our Christmas is just simple, having good time together while enjoying the dinner. Christmas presents were at the living room, under the Christmas tree with colorful lights. I didn't have much time to shop and I wasn't able to list down my budget so what I did is to grab anything that I see at the store. Toys for kids, accessories for girls, unclaimed items for my brother LOL and so forth. Next time I think I need to take a day off and spend the rest of the days at the mall or trade fairs which I missed attending. I know that everyone had a fun, creative and festive celebration. Always remember that the essence of Christmas is how we spend our spare time with the people we  love, doesn't necessary meas

Wordpress users: How to claim Google Authorship

Finally, I was able to acquire my authorship in Google in just few easy steps. Why do you need to do this? Well, any website owners it is important to claim your identity of any contents you have shared in your website. And, now claiming Google Authorship is just easy 1-2-3 ... 1. Logon to your Wordpress site 2. Go to Edit your profile and enter your G+ Profile link, add some of your bio info too 3. Go to your G+ page, Edit your profile and Add custom link (Contributor to section) 4. Test your page by viewing here - Congratulations for claiming your Google Authorship! source:

Simple Joy, Thankful for these holiday gifts

I've got tons of different products from toys to fashion forward and some little things I have received last holiday. My goal last December was to spend some time with some important people in my life and I was really excited to see them! Saying Thank you is not enough because I feel blessed to receive such great greetings, gifts, and your acts of kindness. Sometimes we only focus to our personal agendas but we rarely see thhe real essence of Christmas. ”In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)   [gallery ids="7264,7263,7262,7261,7260,7259,7258,7257,7253,7254,7255,7256"]

#BecauseWeCan - @BonJovi

OMG, I am so excited to read some of the details of Bon Jovi's new single and I even checked online on where I can possibly listen to their new song. "Because We Can," is now available on iTunes today and watch out for the official release of the studio album on March 25th. Are you a Bon Jovi fan like me? here are some details of his Tour starting on February 9. (scroll down for official website for complete date tour schedule, lol) B ecause We Can was written by Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and Billy Falcon under Universal Music. Some of the additional songs will be available at iTunes this March. And, catch The Golden Globe Awards ceremony on January 13th because "Not Running Anymore" (song from the movie, Stand Up Guys) is nominated for Best Original Song. Cool! “Not Running Anymore” Music Video: Stand Up Guys Trailer:    Bon Jovi’s return to the road in 2013 will launch the latest chapter in an ongoing blockbus

American Rock Band, The Ataris Live at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls this January 19

Here comes another live performance brought to you by Megaworld Lifestyle Malls. Catch the American Rock Band, The Ataris live at the Eastwood Central Plaza on January 19 at 4pm and Venice Piazza McKinley Hill at 8pm on the same date. VIP Tickets Update Meanwhile, as an early treat to music fans this 2013, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls is giving away VIP passes to the first 50 persons who will be able to present a printout proving they are Facebook fans or Twitter followers of Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill and Eastwood City. They just need to present their printouts to the event marshals at the venue entrance to get their free tickets.   About the band Composed of members Kristopher Roe, Bryan Nelson, Thomas Holst and Bob Hoag , The Ataris has been thrilling music fans worldwide with their pop-punk music since the late 90s. The band has also recorded a number of full-length records with the studio albums ‘Welcome the Night’ and the certified gold-record ‘So Long, Astoria’ garnering major

Maxicare Prepaid Health Cards now available for your family's health needs

This is one practical gift for 2013. Maxicare, the leading HMO in the Philippines offers MyMaxicare LITE - a prepaid health card that covers up to Php25,000 of in-patient care services for six common diseases including Dengue, Malaria, Cholera, Typhoid and Paratyphoid, Gastroenteritis and Pneumonia. Maxicare cardholders and non-members can avail of the service at affordable variants of Php 1,599 and Php 2,199 both of which have a validity of 1 year. While both variants have the same Maximum Benefit Limit (MBL) of Php 25,000, the higher variant provides added comfort of having access to six major hospitals namely Asian Hospital Medical Center, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Makati Medical Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City, Taguig; St. Luke’s Medical Center – Quezon City, and The Medical City. EReady , on the other hand, is designed to provide emergency medical services during accidents and unexpected illnesses. EReady is available in Php 788 and Php 988 variants, both o

SM City North EDSA End of Season Sale - Jan 4-13, 2013 - #smneendofseasonsale @smnorthedsa

End of Season Sale at SM City North Edsa from January 4 to 13 - #smneendofseasonsale @smnorthedsa Shopping adventure begins in 2013 at SM City North Edsa. Get as low as 70% off markdown prices on selected items. Find the best deals for New Year, visit SM City North Edsa Facebook Page for additional information

Why you need to renew your domain name before it expires

I almost forgot because of hectic schedule during Christmas holiday that my domain is expiring soon. Good thing I was able to manage to pay for its renewal (for one year) and now I can breathe ... whew. Many blog or website owners forget their domain expiration, it's better to contact your hosting support and check with them on how they can help you in renewing and keeping your domain. Why? Well, if it reaches the expiration date...then, other people can acquire your domain in an instant. You don't want your own domain to fall from other hands, all your efforts will be gone in an instant! Don't ignore all email reminders advising you to pay immediately, make sure that you have settle your payments on or before the deadline otherwise once the registration got cancelled, there will be a huge cost (you may bid it on a higher amount) to carry on your part. It doesn't matter if it is an ecommerce site, blog, personal portfolio - always renew your domain.

Catch Dia Frampton at Hard Rock Cafe tonight - January 5

The Voice Season 1 finalist is here in Manila to promote her music. Dia Framptom will be performing live today at Hard Rock Cafe in Makati (9pm). Getting to know more about Dia Frampton and her music Dia Frampton began with a dream: the dream to make music - music that touches the heart and mind.  Music that is inspirational and intimate for everyone. This dream led her to start a band with her sister Meg; collectively they called themselves Meg & Dia. Their band toured worldwide with some of the most respected bands in Rock, and unexpectedly led to the first season of NBC's hit television series, The Voice.

Year End Sale is Extended up to January 13 - The SM Store

Am so happy to receive this news because I wasn't able to shop last time due to busy schedule at work. Thanks to SM Stores for extending the sale until January 13, 2013 Per DTI-NCR Permit Number 9272, Series of 2012 Follow The SM Store on Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: