Friday Donuts Overload: Mister Donut's Latest Offerings

It was a fun friday night at Mister Donut's Bloggers Night held at Bigoli in Eastwood City. Our first activity was finding our perfect match, "seeing doubles". Heart shaped boxes were distributed and we should find our match (example like hansel and gretel / romeo and juliet).

I was fortunate to find my match blogger and it was really a riot looking for your match.

Next activity we had was getting to know more about the latest offering of Mister Donut for 2013. Aside from their regular treats, our all-time favorite 'Bavarian' is now in 'doubles' - the New Bavarian Doubles has two delectable flavors in one regular donut. Double the fun, Twice the Sweetness. You can choose among these three variants: Classic Bavarian & Choco Fudge, Coffee & Caramel, Choco & Caramel. Super sulit at P130 for box of 10.
Here is the latest TVC of Bavarian Doubles featuring Bitoy and Little Miss Philippines Ryzza Mae Dizon

Donuts + Buchi Fusion = DoChi
I was really curious about 'DoChi' and found out that it tastes good! The unusual mini donut creme filing and toasted sesame seed combo is a sure winner! I think it costs around P8 per piece but you can buy it in three pieces or so.


Spread Love and Sweetness on Valentine's Day

Here is a special Valentine's Day treat for you from Mister Donut, get these 6 pcs Belgian Bites in a heart-shaped in can plus a cute heart balloon for only P120 or add an adorable bear for only P165 (this is so cute!).

The last part of the program was to check on the heart stickers posted on the wall, and special prizes awaits. According to Mister Donut, there will be a blogging contest (open for all bloggers out there, so be ready!) for Valentine's. I'll post the mechanics soon!



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