Holiday Celebrations 2012

December is one of the most stressful month wherein everybody is on streets and malls buying decorations, shop for gifts and attending parties left and right celebrations. Every year I am looking forward for a long weekend celebrations and good thing that I had more days off! Our Christmas is just simple, having good time together while enjoying the dinner. Christmas presents were at the living room, under the Christmas tree with colorful lights.

I didn't have much time to shop and I wasn't able to list down my budget so what I did is to grab anything that I see at the store. Toys for kids, accessories for girls, unclaimed items for my brother LOL and so forth. Next time I think I need to take a day off and spend the rest of the days at the mall or trade fairs which I missed attending.

I know that everyone had a fun, creative and festive celebration. Always remember that the essence of Christmas is how we spend our spare time with the people we  love, doesn't necessary measure how much amount you need to spend :)





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