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Happy Andrada - Spring/Summer 2020 Bridal CollectionLaunch #happysummerhappy

Happy Andrada launched her 2020 Bridal Dressing Robes collection on May 4th at her atelier. One might wonder what's the dressing robe for, or why does a collection need to be made. I'd say wait until you see them. Not only they were for Wedding day preparations, they can be used again, for any occasion for that matter. These robes are made of imported laces, silks, tulle. It's flowy, dreamy, classy, soft, name it. Black dress on an emerald robe, nude colored dress on a powder blue, light pink or even a white dressing robe. As I've mentioned before, they aren't only for wedding day preparations. If you are anything like me who'd always go for the simplest dresses whenever an occasion arises, with a robe from her collection, you can step it up a notch from simple to semi formal, even actually formal. It can pass for a gown should you wear a simple dress underneath it, especially if the colors match or blends. Black dress on an emerald

Want More Joy? Focus on Gut Health for Mental Health

Image by Pixabay Here's some food for thought: imagine that all the positive qualities people crave, such as confidence, serenity, and self-esteem, were like nourishment. You could make them part of your personality by doing nothing more than eating. Sound crazy? It's not. It's   science. Your dietary choices can either help you feel better or drive you into the doldrums. Here's why: Your brain uses a chemical called  serotonin to regulate your mood. Too little serotonin can make you anxious, depressed, or even suicidal. Antidepressant medicines can help your body to use serotonin more effectively, but they can't teach your body to make more of this vital brain chemical. Your intestinal tract, not your brain, makes most of your serotonin. But, for it to do so, your gut needs the help of healthy foods, especially those that encourage the growth of beneficial organisms in your digestive system. Nutritionists and researchers refer to these foods as p