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Why you should be happy when people left you in 2013

Say Goodbye to the old year as we welcome 2014. We met different people in our lives throughout the year, some we thought can stay longer but other chooses to go to the other destination and ignore you completely without any reasons. But seriously, you should be glad why they left you. 1. You can do things that you wanted based on your own perspective. Negative people like them will always contradict your decisions. 2. Learn more opportunities rather than believing with them. You can explore different activities in 2014 and you can still meet new people who share the same passion whether in writing, travel, movies, etc. 3. You will be more independent. You don't need to wait for them to plan for your next weekend hangout. You can freely go out with other friends who are still there for you. 4. No more disappointments, social media wars, etc - Start blocking people who you do not want to follow you in 2014. Rant as much as you wanted but it will be more easier if you unfollow and le

Celebrating the true essence of Christmas

This is the season when all of us celebrate the birth of Christ the King - Jesus. So what is the true meaning of Christmas to each and everyone? Some answered it is the time of giving and forgiving, a time of celebrating oneness with your loved ones and when you share your spirit of love to one another. That is right. Christmas is not just about material things. We should have reflect and thank God for all the blessings we have received throught the year (specially the Christmas bonus, lol). Let us encourage to love God and help others who are in need. Christmas, must be remembered its true spirit of giving and sharing. Like the three wise men did when Jesus was born. We have planned so many details throughout the year but the most important thing to remember is to be thankful that we are still celebrating Christmas on earth. But also it applies this five rules to be happy in order to fulfill the true meaning of Christmas 1. Free your heart from hatred - Forgive. 2. Free your mind from

Merry Christmas!

My little friend, Hello Kitty wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Watch her greetings below :)

Cinemajam - Philippines' first outdoor music and movie festival

You don't have to wait for a 'town fiesta' to watch your favorite local artists or waiting for a giant screen installed outside your home. I really hope that there will be more outdoor activities that will generally promote music and movies in one day! The event was held in Circuit Event Grounds in Makati last November 30. The place is really huge and ideal for outdoor events like this. I first visited this place during Caracol Festival and I was surprised that the venue is very accessible to everyone (both public and private transportation). Guests were able to enjoy different outdoor activities like skateboarding, soccer, American football, basketball, wall climbing, kite flying and bunjee jumping courtesy of Crizal Transitions distributed exclusively by Essilor Philippines. Patronizing our own local music featuring Gracenote, Moonstar 88, Itchyworms, Callalily and Bamboo played the crowd's favorite music ended by a festive music treat set by DJ Ace Ramos. I really w

I want this Hello Philippines - Hello Kitty canvass tote!

Saw this at Sanrio Japanese Village Facebook page Support our friends! In friendship and support of those affected by the typhoon in the Philippines, Sanrio will donate $10 from the sale of each canvas tote to American Red Cross Philippines Typhoon Relief efforts. Hello Philippines canvas tote $15. Let me know if you have an idea if this will be available online, whew. Update: It is once available in but due to huge demands, it was already sold out. Better call your nearest Sanrio outlet and ask them if they have stocks, whew. I wish I can get mine soon! waaah! credits:

Pantone's 2014 Color of the year is...

Goodbye Emerald, so Purple will reign this 2014 according to Pantone. You'll see 'radiant orchid' colors everywhere from scarves, shirts, skirts, shoes, etc. You don't need to look like 'Barney' hehe you can just accessorize any purple thing on your Outfit of the Day. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, described the hue as “an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones" that "inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health." source:

Who will win The Voice: Jacquie Lee vs Will Champlin vs Tessane Chin

It's going to be a battle of Team Adam & Team Xtina on tomorrow's grand finale of The Voice. Three of my favorites will battle for the crown: Jacquie Lee vs Will Champlin vs Tessane Chin. For updates logon to their Facebook page, Who's your bet?

My Christmas Wishlist

I lost my countdown for Christmas. Anyways, have you posted your wishlist or send any of your wishlist to your loved ones? This is going to be more fun because we can actually list what we want in any social networking sites or invite your family and friends to join  and start 'searching' for a must have. Here's a sample on how you can PIN the items. First, search it and then add them to your wishlist. Your friends / family members will be notified once you updated your list and then, it's up to them to choose which one to buy :) I actually wished for some Hello Kitty stuffs, I'm building a new empire here in my new place LOL and some personal accessories like bags, bags and bags! LOL I haven't started shopping, and I still have few more days to complete the shopping list.

Gadget Review: Powerocksmedia Magicstick @powerocksusa

[caption id="attachment_8592" align="aligncenter" width="384"] Unboxing![/caption] I went out of town last weekend and good thing that I brought this Magicstick so I'm ready if ever my Samsung S4's battery run out. It's my first time to travel outside the city via Amtrak and took us 4 hours to reach our destination (Alton, IL). Magistick is very handy, its compact & stylish color that is easy to carry with you while you're on the go. I don't have a spare battery on my Samsung S4 so this is the best option to bring a power battery charger. Also, my Mom tried it on her new iPhone5S and it's cool that it charges so fast. [caption id="attachment_8593" align="aligncenter" width="384"] On our way to Alton, IL via Amtrak[/caption] This amazing Magicstick has a color coding light signals to determine the charge status. Just depress the LED at the end of the Magicstick and you'll see if it's full

Thank You - The Little Things She Needs-Philippines

I forgot to claim my GC before I left the country so I asked my friend to pick this up at Galleria Branch. From its store name, The Little Things She Needs has a lot of products to offer to every Filipina. From shoes, bags, accessories --- Everything is a must buy at a very affordable prices. For your holiday gifts, check their Facebook Page for new feature items - Happy Shopping & Merry Christmas!

Get the Best Online Freebies

As a blogger, we often receive these 'freebies' or 'samples' of different products or services so that we can review or share our experience whether these are effective or how we can recommend it to our readers. But how about receiving online freebies? When we hear the word "FREE," we immediately click the link or read the details posted on our timeline whether it is a free product, free giveaways, free testing, etc! I know it's really time consuming to browse all these free stuffs online but how we can assure ourselves that these are great deals? no hidden fees? no charges? no commitments? then if there are hesitations, we'll stop looking on the page and close it. How to score these freebies? Here are some of the tips: If you are a regular subscriber to an online magazine, they might give you free samples of lotions, perfumes, cosmetics and a lot more. Do always check your inbox regularly so that you won't miss the offer. It's a first-come, fi

Chef Lau’s All Time Favorite Filipino Cuisine with a Twist - Guevarra's

My friend Aizelle from the Philippines wrote her buffet experience in Guevarra's. I'm glad that they enjoyed my 'early present' which arrived days before they meet (perfect timing!). I grabbed Joan-ji's photos from her Facebook (photos courtesy from Dhar and uploaded from her Facebook, thanks dear!), the dishes are really mouth-watering, lol. I visited Guevarra's during it s press launch , and I highly recommend this place to everyone specially those who love to eat and discover new dishes or not so new but with a fusion. HER STORY: After receiving our early “Christmas gift” from our very good friend from Chicago, I and three of my girlfriends and a guy friend immediately headed to Chef Laudico Guevarra’s Buffest Restaurant at San Juan to relish the grace of our early “aguinaldo”. Since it is very accessible from Shaw Boulevard, Edsa, through any public transportation, we arrived at the place in less than 15 minutes through a cab. For us, it is another one of

Chicago Toy & Game Weekend #ChiTAGFair @ChicagoToyNGame

I love to attend games & toy fair (ahem, Toycon!) Just few more days before Christmas, it is important for us to check the latest toys, gadgets, games and everything that we love to purchase during holiday shopping season. Last Saturday, I went to Chicago Toy & Game Fair in Navy Pier . An annual public toy fair event here in Chicago. I was able to see variety of toy and game exhibitors and the most great part is -- we can touch, play and enjoy each products. I've read that the Hall can accommodate 20,000 visitors on two days (Saturday and Sunday). The event also includes a toy and game themed fashion show wherein it promotes the importance of play and to give recognition for toy and game inventors. Other highlights includes to meet the Star Wars team and have breakfast with them. As well as an opportunity to meet some Inventors and learn more about their latest 'toys' and 'games.' As I entered the hall, I saw this Razor's cool Crazy Cart . Kids line up

The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Located in Hyde Park (Chicago), this museum has a wide variety of educational and interactive exhibits. You'll find out how technology evolves and influenced the history. The Museum has a great features including a huge United Airlines Boeing 727 that you'll see from the Museum's balcony and the transportation model from trains, cars, buses, etc - a miniature Chicago. Come and see the different areas like The Henry Crown Space Center, feed your brain with information about space. And, watch at giant screen Omnimax Theatre or take a photo with Apollo 8 crew module & an inflatable Moonbase. There are new attractions each season, so plan your schedule to spend your day at all areas. You may visit their official website at   There are about 10 Museums in Chicago, and hopefully to visit them soon! The Shedd Aquarium Museum of Science and Industry The Art Institute of Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art National Museum of Mexican Art

Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios in Macau

This is one of the most exciting event this year after Yolanda tragedy. Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao dedicated this fight for his fellow Filipinos and victims of the said killer typhoon. Few days ago, I saw a 'news confrontation' of the boxers' coaches, and tension rises... [caption id="attachment_8514" align="aligncenter" width="448"] I don't have a photo with Manny but here's a collectible :)[/caption] According to Freddie Roach, Manny trained so well and his intensity to fight is really high. I've read that this is his first major international fight to be held in Macau (Sand's Venetian) which is one of the most famous gambling destination in Asia. Since the venue is very near in the Philippines, I guess many celebrities and personalities are now in Macau to watch this exciting Pacman bout even former England soccer star David Beckman (saw it in the news yesterday) is present to support Manny! Manny Pacquiao Born: Kibaw

The need of a mobile device charger

We love to accessorize our gadgets with new cases, screen protectors and pouches but let's not forget that we should also carry a mobile device charger like a powerbank or any external battery that you can charge with a usb cable and get a power source from it (and recharge the battery to your laptop). Why you need one? It's a must for traveling people (like me), students and anyone who needs extra battery power in case of emergency. These mobile power banks can be your savior, as it charges your phone anywhere you go. Also it charges digital cameras, MP4 players, and a lot more. So you will not spend a lot of money to buy separate batteries for each devices. Where to buy? Here's a website wherein you can shop ( ) and get your mobile power charger at a very affordable cost. These items are categorized according to any kind of device. Simply scroll down for additional option and search according to its type, size, power and battery capacity. Pow

Blogapalooza 2013: Make a greater online presence using B2B

If you are just starting your business and doesn't have an online presence and thinking on how to make a greater impact online? Here's how: Blogging How can blog will help your business? You should start creating a site or blog that will bring direct traffic and soon will become your customers. If you have an inhouse writer, then, start creating articles about your business and products or services so that your blog has the latest updates and soon will become powerful tool in communicating with your future customers. One of the best thing in Google is that you can assign an 'Authorship' to your blog, so that you can identify that you owned it making your contents more respectable and reputable online. Thinking of how you can properly Authorized your site? here's how -- Invitations to Bloggers The next step is inviting other people to write for you. It can be a form of a simple invitation through event launches, seminars or product

Decide whether Working at Home is ideal for you? Attend this Seminar on November 30

Thinking if Working from Home is the great option for you to continue your work career? Have you heard many of your colleagues decided to give up their normal 9-5 working hours outside and transformed a portion of their house into a mini-office with their laptops, celfones and internet connection enabled? There are things to consider before you finally move on to your new working environment at home. It takes some time and effort to evaluate your decision. Since you are working from home, there will be a huge demand on output or else your work performance will suffer. Make sure that you have discuss your interest with your family. Set deliverables, schedule, listing down your pros-and-cons is also a good idea. Find more productive during the day and help with households in between free hours. Also, allow your friends or other members of the family (relatives) about your new home work set up. That means, filtering your calls or declining social invitation during work hours. Also, make s

LAZADA starts its biggest online sale of the year on 11/11

Southeast Asia's fastest growing online shopping mall, offers 'Online Revolution' - the biggest online sale from 11/11 to 12/12. Get the best deals of variety of goods from mobiles & tablets, and consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion and sports equipment. Read the announcement below for more details. Press Release, the biggest shopping mall in Southeast Asia, today announces the start of the Online Revolution on 11/11/13 (Monday). The Online Revolution will take place from 11/11 to 12/12. The concept is based on Cyber Monday from the US: the biggest online shopping day which takes place every Monday after Thanksgiving. The Lazada Online Revolution will be a month full of special events and deals. This event will revolutionize online shopping by giving away great discounts and exciting prices on the website. The CEO of Lazada Philippines, Inanc Balci said: “Our 12-12-12 campaign last year was very successful with our customers

The Little Things She Needs: Girly Grunge, New Arrivals

[gallery ids="8485,8486,8487"] TLTSN’s New Arrivals are available in all TLTSN boutiques: Eastwood Citywalk 2, Robinsons Galleria, Alabang Town Center and Glorietta 3. Buy 2 for 1199 promo for the ballet flats (new arrivals), which retails for Php 699.00 for a single pair. Happy Shopping!

Globe, Smart, Sun offer free local and int’l texts to affected Visayas provinces

I'm glad that these three big mobile operators in the Philippines are offering free local and international texts so that they can able to reach their families. Press Release To help the communities severely affected by Super Typhoon Yolanda, the country’s three mobile phone operators -- Globe Telecom, Smart Communications, and Sun Cellular are jointly offering 25 free SMS per day for five days that may be used for local and international messages. This will be available to all their customers in the provinces of Leyte, Samar, Cebu, Aklan, Antique, and Capiz fromNovember 13 to 17. “This free service is open to all Globe and TM subscribers in these Visayas provinces. This is the company’s way of giving assistance to our customers who suffered from the typhoon’s onslaught and who need to reach out to their family and friends in the country and abroad,” said Peter Bithos, Chief Operating Advisor for Globe Consumer Business Group. "This is a time for Filipinos to come together and

Outside the Philippines? Here's How to Help Typhoon Survivors #YolandaPH

To those who are outside the Philippines or currently residing abroad and thinking how we can help our kababayans, I collated this information and please do comment if there are any other ways or details so that you may freely browse those pages and start donating. You may also browse International News Agencies for more information like this, I know there are local organizations (PH based) so if you are in the Philippines, you may volunteer or ask your family, friends, co-workers to contribute. I also got this from my timeline - Proper use of Twitter, Facebook hashtags regarding #YolandaPH, for your reference. God Bless Us.   PS: Instead of ranting, posting copy-paste PRs or selfies, why not use your blog for some announcements? And please, stop sharing unverified information online. Make sure that the resources you are sharing came from 'reputable' news agencies or from the loc

Conquering my fear of heights at Willis (Sears) Tower in Chicago

Acrophobia according to Wikipedia is an extreme or irrational fear of heights. Yes, I am fear of space and motion that's why I hate going up from a high place or looking down. I get easily tripped when getting down long stairs that's why I hate riding MRTs or taking the stairs. The last time I joined this tree planting project in Antipolo (Philippines), my knees were shaking while we walked through the side mountains. [caption id="attachment_8463" align="aligncenter" width="384"] Hong Kong 2009[/caption] I recalled my adventure last time at Victoria Peak in HongKong (in 2009, I was too scared riding the tram and the same thing happened when I rode the cable car going to Ngong Ping in Lantau (though Sentosa's cable car trip in Singapore is shorter). And here's another experience of conquering my fear of heights. I arrived in Chicago, IL early August and my family's agenda is to tour me around the downtown and check out the Willis Tower

I'm here at SES Conference & Expo in Chicago

Someone from LinkedIn messaged me and invited me to check out their presentation at SES Conference in Chicago. There are a lot of activities to join. Meanwhile here's my badge and am ready to learn more about Search Engine Marketing :) See you later.

Movies and Music (and more) in a new light on November 30 #CinemaJam2013 #Crizaltransitions @popazrael @MonstersCentaur

Here is another exciting get together event perfect for all ages. Marked your calendars as Crizal Transitions brings you ' Cinemajam'  the country's first outdoor movie marathon and music festival on  November 30 at the Event Circuit Makati . Featuring two of my favorite movies, " Love,Actually" and "Limitless"  - plus jamming with local top bands like  Bamboo, Itchyworms, Callalily, Moonstar88 and Gracenote. Ticket prices at Php 1,350 . And there's more: Get free vision screening on that day courtesy of Crizal Transitions and enjoy some games in the Optical Village Section. Kindly read the event details below for more information.

Yabang Pinoy’s Global Pinoy Bazaar 2013 connects Proudly Filipino brands with consumers

It's Christmas shopping once again! And, I'm very happy to support local bazaars in Metro Manila. I'm going to miss the midnight shopping, tiangges, food tripping and Christmas rush. If you are planning to start your Christmas shopping, make sure to drop by at Yabang Pinoy's Global Pinoy Bazaar at the Rockwell tent on November 23 to 24, 2013 . Get to know more about the latest Pinoy trend, here's a glimpse of 2011 Global Pinoy Bazaar . I've been attending this bazaar every year and hopefully if you have time, let me know by commenting below with your Name, Email Address, Blog URL (for Bloggers) and I'll put your name on the Guestlist :) Merry Christmas! Press Release On November 23-24, 2013 at the Rockwell Tent, Yabang Pinoy’s Global Pinoy Bazaar 2013 once again showcases Filipino entrepreneurship at its finest, with unique products for the equally proud Filipino consumer. For seven years straight, the pioneering Filipino pride movement’s annual bazaars ha

Tumblr is so Disappointing! @tumblr

I inquire about this certain blog that circulated around the network and ask for assistance from Tumblr. The post (you have already seen it, i guess) are too arrogant. Stealing someone else's photos and making fun of them. Then, some familiar faces (though the poster blurred it) were posted captioning it to make it more funny. So, this is the cyberworld. Grab someone else's photos and make fun of them....After that, you and your blog will become famous because you have insulted someone you didn't even know. I guess my only recommendation for you victims is to write to Tumblr and air your sentiments ( And, set your social network into PRIVATE OR FRIENDS ONLY. If you would like to show off, then, it's up to you :) I would better read some interesting articles rather than laughing on someone else's. Sigh. CYBER BULLYING AT ITS BEST, THANK YOU TUMBLR FOR ALLOWING IT PS: THIS IS JUST MY TWO CENTS. GOD BLESS EVERYONE

Trick or Treat!

It's Halloween time, kids are excited for their 'trick or treat' adventure in their community. Before we let our kids go out, we must ensure their safety and below are some of my recommendations: Kids (below 12) should be accompany by an adult Always check your kids' costume. Make sure the costumes they are wearing are comfortable and safe to wear. Remind your kids not to run and walk slowly. Be careful in crossing the street and use crosswalks when possible. They (kids) should have a curfew, check your community schedule for assistance. Usually trick or treat started in the afternoon at 3pm and ended at 8pm Never enter inside the houses, or abandoned buildings. Parents or Guardians should check the candies before eaten (it should be sealed). My community has its own guidelines, you may browse here for additional inputs: Happy Halloween!

Get a custom URL for your Google+ profile

At last, Google+ allows me to custom my profile URL. Those long URL with numbers sucks! LOL Be sure to check your inbox and start customizing your profile URL.  

Blogapalooza 2013: When Business meets Bloggers and vice versa

That was during in 2011 when Blogapalooza was held . Introducing businesses to bloggers and have an instant connection through the use of blogging and social media as medium. Now, am glad that Blogapalooza is back! Giving more opportunity to other businesses to discover the power of digital advertising and allowing bloggers to learn more about their products and services. If are new into blogging and wanted to expand your connections, Blogapalooza will teach you how. But I advised you to focus more into your niche (your interests) and don't jumped into conclusions that you can able to promote something without learning, that is a big no no. Or better communicate with the 'experienced' bloggers you have known personally or met online. Be careful on people you trust and same with the 'offers' come along your way. Sometimes, we bloggers become obsessed on some privileges we have experienced but from my point of view, you still have to learn (in a professional way) lik

More than 5 million users downloaded BBM for Android and iOS

I dreamed of having a Blackberry but it changed my mind when I got Samsung S4 Hehe Yesterday, after announcing that you can download BBM on iOS and Android many tried their luck to test this app but unluckily....BBM app gave up. I also tried it and got this screenshot saying am on the waiting list. How about you? Would you like to try it?   Also read

Giordano Philippines Debuts on Philippine Fashion Week

Featuring Giordano's Holiday Cruise and Linen in Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 14 Collection. Get the chance to check out their exhibit showcasing "World without Strangers" print done by local artists. Also, they are giving away 45 shirts. More details  below this post so keep on reading :) See you on October 26, 2013 at the SM Mall of Asia Main Atrium. Press Release Giordano debuts on the runways of Philippine Fashion Week with a sneak peek of their Spring Summer 14 collections. This Saturday, October 26, 2013 at the SM Mall of Asia Main Atrium, Giordano’s new collections – Holiday Cruise and Linen Story will bring some fresh summer vibe on the catwalk with 85 looks featuring nautical elements, updated chambrays, summer linens, oxfords in crisp pastel palette and an array of colorful basics. Live beats provided by DJ Callum David, a.k.a. DJ Vinimal will set the show sailing on a breezy summer cruise.

Catch Gloc-9’s Liham at Lihim Album Launch at Eastwood Central Plaza

After the successful album MKNM: Mga Kwento ng Makata , here comes "Liham at Lihim," Gloc-9's second album under Universal Records. Scroll down to read more details on Gloc-9's album launching at Eastwood City on October 26. Fans of Gloc-9 can get VIP seats at the album launch by purchasing his new album at the venue entrance on event day. The CD will also entitle them access to the special autograph signing session, where they will have the chance to meet Gloc-9 up-close and have their CDs signed. Press Release Music fans can look forward to another exciting musical spectacle at Eastwood City this October as it plays host to the much-awaited album launch of the one and only Gloc-9. The award-winning rap icon will be launching his newest album ‘Liham at Lihim’ this coming October 26, 7PM at the Eastwood Central Plaza in an exclusive musical affair where fans can get a preview of his brand new record and a chance to meet the star rapper up-close. Fans of Gloc-9 can ge

Digital Analytics Fundamentals - Unit 5 & 6 / Passed the Final Assessment

After creating and implementing your Google Analytics code to your website, the next step is How to create your report for your company. Google Analytics' reporting feature is more friendly unlike before. You can now filter and custom your settings into date range, sorting tables and make it more graphical. Unit 5 explained on how you can standardize a report and how you can target new opportunities like adding metrics to your audience so that you can monitor the trends. You will able to understand the difference between creating an Audience report vs Acquisition report. Another thing, If you have paid campaigns (Google Adwords) make sure that you will able to optimize your campaigns and create additional metrics and dimension to monitor which campaign is more effective and converting. Unit 6 is determining your site's goal flow specially if you have an e-commerce site. Tracking multi-channel and funnel is one of the additional feature of Google Analytics wherein you can 

The Family (Movie)

Meet the Manzonis family, your new neighbor in France. Not an ordinary family who lives in a strange place (Normandy) and FBI is watching you 24/7 because the entire family is under the Witness Protection Program. A light comedy-suspense drama of family adjustments. Giovanni Manzoni and his family are under the control of FBI because Giovanni's testimony against his Mafia friends. His wife, Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer) is tired of hiding. She has this attitude wherein she can blow up anything when get upsets. And the two kids, who are new to school got bullied. The mafia tracked them because of this phrase written by Warren (son) in the school paper which brought so much trouble until the FBI encourage them to move out in the middle of the night. Belle (daughter), trying to become nice and friendly on her first day of school. French boys asked her if they can teach her American English and she beats the malicious boy with a tennis racket. Later on she falls in love with a Math tutor

My tour experience at Universal Studios Hollywood

At last, I've visited the world famous studio tour and theme park in LA. I wasn't able to go to Singapore but am so lucky that my dream of touring around Universal Studios in Hollywood came true! Thanks to my family :) winks! Universal Studios Hollywood has a lot of attraction, thrilling rides and endless shopping destination. This post includes my tour inside the theme park, rides, and some tips when you travel to Universal Studios. [gallery ids="8324,8325,8326,8327,8328,8329"] One of the greatest and amazing ride is the Transformers: The ride 3D wherein you will experience Autobots helping you around in between fights with Megatron. Made by HD 3D media and flight simulation, you'll be impressed and proud that you survive protecting our planet, haha. [caption id="attachment_8330" align="aligncenter" width="270"] Meeting and Talking with Megatron. Yes, this dude is talking to me while taking a photo op.[/caption] Kids talking to Me