My tour experience at Universal Studios Hollywood

At last, I've visited the world famous studio tour and theme park in LA. I wasn't able to go to Singapore but am so lucky that my dream of touring around Universal Studios in Hollywood came true! Thanks to my family :) winks!


Universal Studios Hollywood has a lot of attraction, thrilling rides and endless shopping destination. This post includes my tour inside the theme park, rides, and some tips when you travel to Universal Studios.

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One of the greatest and amazing ride is the Transformers: The ride 3D wherein you will experience Autobots helping you around in between fights with Megatron. Made by HD 3D media and flight simulation, you'll be impressed and proud that you survive protecting our planet, haha.

[caption id="attachment_8330" align="aligncenter" width="270"]Meeting and Talking with Megatron. Yes, this dude is talking to me while taking a photo op. Meeting and Talking with Megatron. Yes, this dude is talking to me while taking a photo op.[/caption]

Kids talking to Megatron, FUNNY

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I thought it was a boring ride but getting drenched and fall down in a 84 feet down waterfall is one of the hell ride! First, you'll get to see prehistoric dinosaurs at Jurassic Park the Ride and the main attraction here is to scream while falling and getting wet, haha.


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The third ride, that I said to myself I don't like 'rollercoaster type of adventure' is Revenge of the Mummy the Ride. It was completely dark inside and you'll see some etched walls of Egyptian hieroglyphics and some mummy props while they are attacking you. This ride is about 45 miles per hour, my eyes were closed because I am scared of Imhotep, hehehe.


Studio Tour
This is one of my dreams to visit the world's famous studio on a tram ride. We were being toured by Jimmy Fallon as he narrates and welcome us to explore the different sets from films like War of the Worlds, Psycho, The Fast and the Furious, Desperate Housewives, and Jaws.

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We entered in a dark tunnel and experienced King Kong 360 3D! We witnessed how King Kong saved us from an enemy when our tram got stuck and being attacked. I searched in Youtube and here's what happened.

credits to the uploader

Meet and Greet Jaws
My favorite shark is seen inside the studio tour. I recorded Jaws' attack on my side and I lifted my camera because it got wet. Jaws sprinkled some water!

Where's Kevin Costner? Just kidding. Waterworld where you can relax and watch a 20 minute show with full of jet ski, pyrotechnics, stunts and tricks. Am glad that we didn't sit in the 'soak zone' or else am going to be wet (again).

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What else? Of course, EATING AND SHOPPING.
Universal Citywalk has a lot of stuffs, from shirts to pins to tumblers, etc. Buying souvenirs from this area is a must!

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For more details and complete tour attraction information, visit the official website of Universal Studios Hollywood at




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