Trick or Treat!


It's Halloween time, kids are excited for their 'trick or treat' adventure in their community. Before we let our kids go out, we must ensure their safety and below are some of my recommendations:


  • Kids (below 12) should be accompany by an adult

  • Always check your kids' costume. Make sure the costumes they are wearing are comfortable and safe to wear.

  • Remind your kids not to run and walk slowly. Be careful in crossing the street and use crosswalks when possible.

  • They (kids) should have a curfew, check your community schedule for assistance. Usually trick or treat started in the afternoon at 3pm and ended at 8pm

  • Never enter inside the houses, or abandoned buildings.

  • Parents or Guardians should check the candies before eaten (it should be sealed).

My community has its own guidelines, you may browse here for additional inputs:

Happy Halloween!



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