Digital Analytics Fundamentals - Unit 5 & 6 / Passed the Final Assessment

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After creating and implementing your Google Analytics code to your website, the next step is How to create your report for your company. Google Analytics' reporting feature is more friendly unlike before. You can now filter and custom your settings into date range, sorting tables and make it more graphical.

Unit 5 explained on how you can standardize a report and how you can target new opportunities like adding metrics to your audience so that you can monitor the trends. You will able to understand the difference between creating an Audience report vs Acquisition report.

Another thing, If you have paid campaigns (Google Adwords) make sure that you will able to optimize your campaigns and create additional metrics and dimension to monitor which campaign is more effective and converting.

Unit 6 is determining your site's goal flow specially if you have an e-commerce site. Tracking multi-channel and funnel is one of the additional feature of Google Analytics wherein you can 'view' your user's activity from clicking the homepage until signing up a contact form (conversion).

After understanding all basic guidelines in Google Analytics, you are now ready to answer the Final Assessment.

I tried answering the exam before I proceed with Unit 5 and 6. Not bad at all, I got 90% all correct answers and I just reviewed the last part because it was really tricky.

[caption id="attachment_8363" align="aligncenter" width="446"]1381744_10201261682796710_350734369_n First try without reviewing Unit 5 and 6[/caption]

And now, I went back and answer it again. I got the perfect score, weeee!

[caption id="attachment_8364" align="aligncenter" width="396"]google analytics After reviewing Unit 5 & 6 and Analyzing my mistakes[/caption]

Regarding Question #12, which took me almost 30 minutes of figuring out the right code. You may read this FAQ and determine which are the source and medium (tip!). Browse this site and read carefully,

I'm glad that Google Analytics has this kind of activity. I hope I can join some of the virtual sessions in the future.

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The deadline of completing this activity is on October 30. You have few remaining days to complete and get the certificate for FREE.

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