The Family (Movie)


Meet the Manzonis family, your new neighbor in France. Not an ordinary family who lives in a strange place (Normandy) and FBI is watching you 24/7 because the entire family is under the Witness Protection Program.

A light comedy-suspense drama of family adjustments. Giovanni Manzoni and his family are under the control of FBI because Giovanni's testimony against his Mafia friends. His wife, Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer) is tired of hiding. She has this attitude wherein she can blow up anything when get upsets. And the two kids, who are new to school got

The mafia tracked them because of this phrase written by Warren (son) in the school paper which brought so much trouble until the FBI encourage them to move out in the middle of the night.

Belle (daughter), trying to become nice and friendly on her first day of school. French boys asked her if they can teach her American English and she beats the malicious boy with a tennis racket. Later on she falls in love with a Math tutor and everything changed.

Tommy Lee Jones (FBI) always reminded the that they have to be careful in everything they do.

I like the cinematography and highlight of this flick. Reminded me of the movie, 'Goodfellas.'

Rotten Tomatoes rated this at below average of 4.8/10. Film by Luc Besson (Taken, Transporter).
Fred Blake: "There was a time when I had it all. People would ask me, what was it like being untouchable? The question they really should have asked was, what happens when it's all over?"


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