Blogapalooza 2013: When Business meets Bloggers and vice versa

That was during in 2011 when Blogapalooza was held. Introducing businesses to bloggers and have an instant connection through the use of blogging and social media as medium.


Now, am glad that Blogapalooza is back! Giving more opportunity to other businesses to discover the power of digital advertising and allowing bloggers to learn more about their products and services. If are new into blogging and wanted to expand your connections, Blogapalooza will teach you how. But I advised you to focus more into your niche (your interests) and don't jumped into conclusions that you can able to promote something without learning, that is a big no no. Or better communicate with the 'experienced' bloggers you have known personally or met online.

Be careful on people you trust and same with the 'offers' come along your way. Sometimes, we bloggers become obsessed on some privileges we have experienced but from my point of view, you still have to learn (in a professional way) like attending blogging seminars (whether free or paid), reading articles online related to blogging, discover things you wanted to blog (your expertise), or practicing your offline and online communication. Yes, offline through how you deal with other people when you are not in front of the computer and online, when you communicate through Facebook, Twitter or Blog.

So, if you are interested in expanding your knowledge about how you can be a better 'online influencer,' then register to this link,

See you on November 16, 2013 at SMX Aura (the new SM Mall in Taguig!).


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