Google's new algorithm called Hummingbird


This is the biggest leap of Google upon reading what is Hummingbird algorithm update is all about, I was wondering if this is the old 'Caffeine' or just a part of Panda Penguin? Don't worry too much bloggers / webmasters, this is just a major update from Google after 15 years of serving as a major Search Engine.

So, are there any complications specially people nowadays are keep on using too much keywords, tags and hashtags when posting online? Will the searches be more relevant? and so forth questions on some queries?

The answer is simple, Hummingbird according to Wikipedia is one of the smallest birds but can rapidly flap their wings 12-80 times per second and Google would like to give you more precise and fast search results.

Another thing, Google said Hummingbird will be paying more attention to each word in every query. Meaning, their goal is to match the results rather than giving you tons of pages which are irrelevant. Now, Google will be lesser dependent on each keyword/s we use, so you have to watch out for the massive drop off in rankings and I advise you to create and focus on the contents rather than supplying it with exact keyword phrases to target your website.

Now, I will feel comfortable in using Google's search results. No more headaches on anchor texts, repetitions on each keyword phrases and over utilizing keywords. Try typing a question and Google will give you answers. I also found out that the results will be dependent on your location. You have to organize your Google Profile so that Google can give you a closer results.

I guess, From now on, keywords will be less important to Search Engines.

Here are some references for you to understand more about Google Hummingbird Update

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