Pawn Stars at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas

I've visited the one of the 'hit' American reality television series in Las Vegas!

Pawn Stars aka World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop which is filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada is operated by 'Old Man' Richard Harrison, together with his son, Rick and Rick's son Corey 'Big Boss' and being managed by Chumlee aka Austin Russell.




This show got viewer's attention in 2010 produced by Leftfield Pictures. What did they do? The family business' has a pawn shop - they are into selling, buying and appraising of items with historical value. I remembered watching this reality series in History Channel when I was still in the Philippines. I didn't know that this was famous until we have visited the pawn shop and checked out the auctioned items.

[caption id="attachment_8310" align="aligncenter" width="384"]Our Photo The shop has its own electronic photobooth :P[/caption]

More photos inside the Pawn Shop. Sorry, cameras are not allowed in the auction area. 

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Pawn Stars: Sunken Treasure


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