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How to be Inspired by a Mid-life Crisis

  Many people experience unexpected feelings during the transitions that often occur in midlife. Although some of these emotions may be uncomfortable, you can think of them as a flag waving to get your attention. Midlife is a wonderful time to re-evaluate your values and priorities and determine which situations in your life are serving you well, and which ones need to be changed. You might not have the same goals at age 50 as you did 25 years ago. Image courtesy of Unsplash . Think of it as an opportunity You may experience doubt and discomfort with the life you currently are living. Take a pause and think about the things that matter to you most. Does your daily schedule reflect these priorities? If not, how can you bring it more in line? Now is the time to try new things and set new goals . Is there a hobby you’ve been curious about? Sign up for a class. Learning something new, whether it’s badminton, calligraphy, genealogy or something else can have many beneficial effects . Have

Work Tips: Travel Like A Boss

Many of us have to go out of town on business often. Fortunately, this is a great way to see sights we wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to see. Today’s tips can help you travel for work without sacrificing the pleasure of an adventure and is just one of many great posts brought to you by Glamour Moments .   Take as many photos and videos as possible.   Pictures are memories that you can share with your friends, family, and even customers and coworkers. Make sure to take lots of great photos and videos. You can share these great moments on sites like Instagram and Facebook. And if you have a few clips that you’d like to merge together into one seamless file, look for online tools that can help you quickly combine videos . This way, you can upload one video to social media instead of several short ones.   Squeeze a free vacation out of your business trip.   Whether you own your own business or are traveling on behalf of someone else, there’s no reason that you can’t