Work Tips: Travel Like A Boss

Many of us have to go out of town on business often. Fortunately, this is a great way to see sights we wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to see. Today’s tips can help you travel for work without sacrificing the pleasure of an adventure and is just one of many great posts brought to you by Glamour Moments.


Take as many photos and videos as possible.


Pictures are memories that you can share with your friends, family, and even customers and coworkers. Make sure to take lots of great photos and videos. You can share these great moments on sites like Instagram and Facebook. And if you have a few clips that you’d like to merge together into one seamless file, look for online tools that can help you quickly combine videos. This way, you can upload one video to social media instead of several short ones.


Squeeze a free vacation out of your business trip.


Whether you own your own business or are traveling on behalf of someone else, there’s no reason that you can’t squeeze a few days of pleasure out of your trip. Although you will still have to meet your professional obligations, because you are traveling for business, you can deduct your hotel, transportation expenses, and even part of your entertainment and food. Make sure here all of your receipts are organized so that you can maximize your deductions.


Eat where the locals eat.


The local flavor is almost always better. Skip the chain restaurants while you’re traveling, and look for the “mom-and-pop” places that make your destination deliciously unique. One recommendation from Spoon University is to follow local foodies to see where they frequent.


Plan ahead, and always have a backup plan.


The sooner you book your hotel the better. If you wait until the last minute, especially if you book through a third-party site, you run the risk of getting bumped from your room if the hotel overbooks, which is an alarmingly common practice. While you can’t necessarily avoid this, try to have a backup plan, such as another hotel or bed and breakfast.


Arrive early.


If at all possible, arrive at your business destination a day early. This will give you an opportunity to settle into your room and get the lay of the land without feeling rushed. If you can’t come a day early, call the hotel and ask about checking in early. The Dauntless Jaunter blog reminds us to be polite when talking to hotel staff, especially when asking for an early check-in.


Try to avoid jet lag.


Coming in a day early can also help you avoid jet lag. You might also try changing your schedule a few days before you leave and sleeping on the airplane if it’s your normal nighttime hours.


Network with colleagues/others before you go.


If you’re going to a location you’ve never been to but that you have colleagues that you work with frequently, make sure that they know that you’re coming into town. They may be more than willing to head to dinner with you one night. If you don’t already know anybody in your target destination, consider joining local Facebook pages where you can connect with potential new friends before you arrive.


While you can’t get out of taking every trip for work, you can make it stress-free and fun. From sharing your adventures with others on Instagram to turning your business travel into your own personal and paid vacation, the few tips above can help you travel like a boss. The best part is that you can deduct a huge portion of your expenses, including your hotel, meaning you can take a friend or family member with you, and you’ll only pay for their transportation, food, and entertainment.


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