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Things to do in Manila on June 28-30, 2019

Editor: If you're looking for an indoor adventure and fun, join us in celebrating Toycon's 18th year showcasing the best of Asian Pop Culture Scene at the SMX Convention Center (beside Mall of Asia) in Pasay City. What to expect on this event? A total entertainment, toy exhibits, hard to find collectibles, cosplayers, artists gallery, selfie worth-displays, and the most important of all - it's rainproof, once you're can stay until the end of the program! Our team is excited to cover this event once again for the 18th time. I am highly recommending you should also try this out if you haven't attended Toycon. Entrance fee is ranging from Php 600 (single entry only) and above depending on how many days you would like to attend. Kids have discounted rate as well. Tag along all your family and friends. Make sure you come early in buying your tickets so that you won't be missing the program. Also, prepare your budget because you will be overwhelmed with boo

Get ready for another Toycon PH 2019 Poplife FanXperience (and yourwallets too!)

Editor : It's been 18 years and Glamour Moments team is excited to cover another year of Toycon! We've been supporting this event and each year we are so proud for this institution in providing the best of the pop culture environment. They said there are rooms for improvement and I saw how it all started. From the small room in Megamall to Megatrade Hall and now at their new playground in SMX Mall of Asia. I've been also attending pop culture and comic conventions here in USA but attending Toycon in the Philippines is different: I am missing my Toycon family and friends, the chaos in the line, craziness and explosive revelations on last minute, ingress/egress, going home late, waking up early the next 2 days, toy hunting, and the Filipino food sold in the booth! LOL My team is ready for another adventure so please do follow our Facebook page - Glamour Moments and this blog for exclusive coverage and our personal insights about the event. Btw, I already met Ron Eng

[Press Release] Taiwan ushers in the future of ‘smart healthcare’

Imagine hospital beds so intuitive that they can track both a patient’s vital signs and sleeping patterns? What about robot-assisted surgery when the doctor and patient are miles apart? These scenes may soon be reality as the automation technology is gradually revolutionizing healthcare through to the era of ‘smart healthcare’. The Wearable Hand Exoskeleton by Rehabotics Medical Technology Corporation helps patients with neuromuscular disorders. The concept of smart healthcare diverges from traditional approaches to healthcare; instituting intelligent and intuitive systems that improve the quality of patient care. This approach has influenced the gamut of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, and health and wellness products, as they integrate with each other to create a holistic system that is predictive, preventative, personalized, and participatory. Taiwan and its superior technology is leading the world toward this new frontier. Consistently ranked as the top know