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Yahoo Groups to Shut down on December 15, 2020

I received this notice from my GMAIL inbox that Yahoogroups will be permanently shut down on December 15. It was on early 2000 since I moderated several YahooGroups. It was a good journey to meet people during those times and was able to create a community who you share the same interest.  I tried to recover some of my emails and files that I uploaded but unfortunately they said data were removed in 2019. I think I missed the email. I wanted to thank everyone who became part of f4_phils and Jerry Yan Philippines Yahoogroups though you know where to reach me :) I'm active on Social Media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but I never created another group since the resources were available online and other International groups are generous enough to share the updates unlike before that I need to login to different forums and asked permission to the admin to allow us to repost the news/events/photos/videos! Two of the most actively used group platform were gone - YahooGroups and Multi

I voted 2020!

It was my first time to vote as US citizen and I'm excited. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to register and requested a mail-in ballot. We logged in to our county and fill up the application. Weeks later, the ballot was mailed and we voted at home. We followed the instruction and you should read carefully so that your ballot will be counted and valid. Make sure you only shade once otherwise it will be rejected. The most important thing is when you finished, make sure you signed the sealed envelope. It was an easy task since we're home and we sit down and read everything before voting. I waited for the early voting schedule since they told that there'll be mail-in ballots machine to drop off your ballots instead of going to the Post Office (well, USPS is just across the building LOL). Then, the ballot will be counted right after the election on the same day. I'm glad its already over and we're just waiting for the official results. I stayed late hours for the pa

Happy Halloween!

 I just want to greet a Happy Halloween! And be safe everyone! Wear your mask and sanitize when you go outside! I compiled this video from my past Halloween events and parties. I hope you enjoy watching!

The First Steps of Getting Your Home-Based Business Off the Ground

 Running a home-based business comes with many advantages. For one, it gives you the freedom to work on your terms. As your own boss, you set your office hours, decide what products/services to offer, and determine the general direction of the business, among many other factors. Working from home means that you can save money on overhead costs, spend more time working since you don’t have a daily commute, and if you plan accordingly, you can enjoy a better work-life balance. Image via Burst While the benefits are many, in order for your home-based business to succeed, you need to go into it prepared and learn what strategies work along the way. Glamour Moments offers the following practical tips and information to help you start off on the right foot. Consider the COVID-19 Pandemic If you want to start a business right now, you shouldn’t let the pandemic stop you. Nonetheless, the current economic climate does require you to make special considerations. For instance, if you’ve