Yahoo Groups to Shut down on December 15, 2020

I received this notice from my GMAIL inbox that Yahoogroups will be permanently shut down on December 15. It was on early 2000 since I moderated several YahooGroups. It was a good journey to meet people during those times and was able to create a community who you share the same interest. 

I tried to recover some of my emails and files that I uploaded but unfortunately they said data were removed in 2019. I think I missed the email. I wanted to thank everyone who became part of f4_phils and Jerry Yan Philippines Yahoogroups though you know where to reach me :) I'm active on Social Media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but I never created another group since the resources were available online and other International groups are generous enough to share the updates unlike before that I need to login to different forums and asked permission to the admin to allow us to repost the news/events/photos/videos!

Two of the most actively used group platform were gone - YahooGroups and Multiply, I decided to keep my blog and try my best to get the latest updates and share my insights. I still got ton of topics that I like to write and review but I'm saving them in the future (I should create a checklist so that I can keep track of everything I wanted to share).

I was able to retrieve my Youtube channel as well! So, I'll be sharing some videos of F4/ Jerry Yan related clips on my channel so make sure you subscribe and not to miss it! My channel was taken down years ago before Google acquired Youtube due to copyright because I uploaded my edited Jerry Yan videos using some copyrighted music and I got axed! haha! Also, I discovered that someone re-use my edited videos without my permission and stole some clips that I made so I decided to stop uploading those MVs. If you have a copy, good for you! Since I wasn't able to bring those CDs when I migrated, I might ask someone to help me and maybe purchase a cloud to host the videos I made but that's coming soon! I don't want to promise! But that's my plan! 

Cheers to Yahoo! 


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