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[Press Release] LG Paves the Way for the Future of Education with Transformative Learning

 Across the world, the pandemic created a seismic shift in how we as a people interact and do business with one another. Dining out, watching movies, even the simple act of shaking someone’s hand has fundamentally changed. Every imaginable industry was given only a few months to adapt. One of the industries affected the most is the education sector, ever since we’ve grown accustomed to face-to-face learning in classrooms. With no immediate end in sight for the pandemic, like everyone else, the necessity to adapt is present. The recently conclude d EduTECH Philippines 2020 conference displayed how adapting to the new normal is possible. The conference was supposed to be held physically but had to abruptly transition to a digital platform. It served as a welcome opportunity to exhibit how the future of teaching and education can be shaped through technology. LG, one of the global leaders in technology innovation, joined #EduTECHPhil together with over 40 other presentations, all giving

[Press Release] Love Plus Charity Foundation Gives Back by Helping Filipinos In Need During the Pandemic

 Our lives have been disrupted and impacted by the pandemic in unprecedented ways. The corona virus has affected our day to day lives and is slowing down the economy for almost six months – and people still cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. During these hard times, an organization who works under the radar are helping Filipinos to cope up on the effects of the pandemic. Love Plus Charity Foundation , an organization founded by Chinese national, Hu Sun, started to provide aid in their own little ways by means of food delivery for front liners on different checkpoints, across several cities back in March when the government imposed city lockdowns in the country. The organization wanted to reach remote areas that were not focused on by mainstream media – which draw attention from several individuals and organizations, that lead to the growth of donation to the foundation.  “We are not brothers by blood, but we think of Filipinos as a part of our family because they welcomed u

Exchange your Coins to Cash at Coinstar!

I'm looking for quarters for laundry so I thought it'll be a good idea to start searching from my coinbank and coin purses. There's a coin shortage in United States since the pandemic because people don't go out and shop or pay thru cash so some business establishments are offering to exchange your coins.  I only go out once on a weekend to go grocery shopping for my weekly essentials. I knew there's a Coinstar machine at Jewel-Osco so I decided to go there and brought my coins.  1. You have to select which method you would like to get paid: Cash, E-giftcard, donate it to charity or buy Bitcoins from the machine! 2. After confirming, pour the coins to the machine. Rejected coins are coming out at the bottom so you can pick up again and throw it again.  3. Once all coins went inside the machine, select "you're done" with the transaction and receipt will be issued from the machine. 4. Go to the nearest cashier to exchange it for cash. Then you're all