Exchange your Coins to Cash at Coinstar!

I'm looking for quarters for laundry so I thought it'll be a good idea to start searching from my coinbank and coin purses. There's a coin shortage in United States since the pandemic because people don't go out and shop or pay thru cash so some business establishments are offering to exchange your coins. 

I only go out once on a weekend to go grocery shopping for my weekly essentials. I knew there's a Coinstar machine at Jewel-Osco so I decided to go there and brought my coins. 

1. You have to select which method you would like to get paid: Cash, E-giftcard, donate it to charity or buy Bitcoins from the machine!

2. After confirming, pour the coins to the machine. Rejected coins are coming out at the bottom so you can pick up again and throw it again. 

3. Once all coins went inside the machine, select "you're done" with the transaction and receipt will be issued from the machine.

4. Go to the nearest cashier to exchange it for cash. Then you're all set!

It's so easy! Though there's a minimum transaction amount but I don't care because I don't want to go inside the bank and fall in line. 

I took a video on how Coinstar works. I hope you also subscribe to my channel right after watching :)


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