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[Video] Makati's version of Mardi Gras: CARACOL FESTIVAL 2012

Makati's version of Mardi Gras: CARACOL FESTIVAL 2012

Paolo Santos singing Only One


Paolo Santos invites you to buy his album :)


2012 adidas and NBA All Star Game

Every year, we are about to witness the new designs of sportswear and players' uniform at the NBA. Get a glimpse of Adidas 2012 new uniform which will debut on NBA All Star Game . adidas has become the supplier of world's best athletes for more than 50 years. Many sports personalities proven that the brand dominated the scene. From sports legends like Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose Candance Parker and Chauncey Billups, and developing new partnership making the adidas as the official sports apparel for the NBA, WNBA and NBA D League which started in 2006-07. NBA is one of the best sports league anywhere in the world. You can see aspiring players from different teams in the United States as well as the merchandises they're endorsing were completely rising. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="4" orderby="title"]   PRESS RELEASE Manila, Philippines – adidas, the official outfitter of the National Basketball Association, today unveil

Chit Chat with Paolo Santos

Acoustic Sensation Paolo Santos talks about his music, lifestyle and anything under the sun. I got a chance to talk with Paolo Santos. It brought so many memories since I had been watching some of his acoustic gigs during the peak of his career. Paolo Santos is releasing his new album. And glad to know that he was very comfortable making this album because James Taylor is one of his best musical influence. The tracks from his album was handpicked by himself; extremely excited on the preparation of the album until the launching day. Question: How was the response of younger audience with regards to your music?  Paolo Santos: I was invited to some events like proms and graduation parties. So I think meron na, in this particular aspect, the music on my album is old but for the younger generation we also played top songs during our gigs, its really different when you watch in a bar...sana dumami ang shows so that you can comfortably listen to our songs. Question: Are you active online? Pa

Paolo Santos releases new album: How Sweet it is

From its title, you were wondering why he chooses James Taylor Songs on his new album? I've found out that James Taylor is his biggest influence in music. As he commended on James Taylor: Such an amazing songwriter, his approach to his music is very simple --but it goes straight to your heart. On his new album, entitled "How Sweet it is" also includes some of our all time favorites - Wandering, Sweet Baby James, Don't Let me be lonely tonight. And his carrier single, Only One. With the release of Paolo Santos’ new album – HOW SWEET IT IS, Paolo Santos still reigns as the Acoustic King of the Philippines. Released under IVORY Music & Video, Paolo has come up with a 14 – track revival of James Taylor’s hits done in his sophisticated acoustic style. Tracks: How Sweet It Is Sweet Baby James Fire And Rain Only One If I Keep My Heart Out Of Sight Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight You’ve Got A Friend Shower The People Smiling Face Carolina In My Mind Walking Man Country Ro

Just like a kid: Hijo

Live goes on after the Bamboo and his band broke up. Today, Nathan Azarcon, Ira Cruz and Vic Mercado formed a band called 'Hijo.' Since I got confused on the band's arrangements, here it is: Nathan is also doing the vocals (aside from playing bass), Ira and Vic will do the same thing (guitars and drums). Adding up to the spice are Radioactive Sago Project's Junji Lerma on guitars and Wowee Posadas on keyboards. Hijo released an EP entitled "Slow Rock Vol 1/2" which they tag as "Kung Fu Rock" “It is slow rock... and we wanted a funny title for it. It’s so dark as it is,” Nathan said. Compared to their previous experience with their former bands, it was a different recording process for the group especially for Nathan, Ira and Vic. “Working with the band is just amazing. This is the first time the three of us recorded most of our parts separately. We already had a formula for laying down tracks but this time we pushed ourselves and went the opposite

One Direction: Successful Album Launch in Manila

I just watched the event launch video and the girls were really having fun on that day! I remembered those 'crazy days of my life' :) so I can relate to this one. I am not yet familiar with this group, One Direction but thanks to Youtube for giving me such goosebumps on some of their videos with fans screaming on the background.   PRESS RELEASE ONE ALBUM . ONE HUGE EVENT. STILL NUMBER ONE! One Launch! One Big Event! It seems the British invasion is still alive and well with the boys from One Direction creating a fan frenzy as they release their debut album locally. Last February 11, Juan Directioners (which was what Pinoy One Directioners joyfully refer themselves as) all rushed out to AstroPlus at SM North, the Block for the launch of the limited edition version of the band’s debut album “Up All Night” and formal launch of the album. Even before the 10 AM opening, fans were already camping out outside the mall and lining up to have a chance to get their own copy of this popu

KANTA PILIPINAS Official Music Video

Soon to be aired on TV5, Kanta Pilipinas will be TV5's biggest reality singing search that will call for the entire nation to sing. It's not a mere singing contest as it will delve deeper into the lives of each contestant. Kanta Pilipinas will transform the lives of these ordinary individuals to be the star that the entire Philippines will admire. The program includes a Cinderella-makeover segment that will further boost each contestants appeal and that will catapult them to singing sensation status. Open to all Filipinos, 14-30 years old, Kanta Pilipinas will scour the whole country in a nationwide search. Applicants can be a solo, duo, or group act of any genre. The nationwide search will begin this the February. Stay tuned to TV5 for announcements. Audition dates: Feb. 24 - SM City CAGAYAN DE ORO Mar. 02 - SM City CEBU Mar. 10 - SM City DAVAO Mar. 16 - SM City BAGUIO Mar. 23 - SM City ILOILO Mar. 30 - SM City NORTH EDSA Apr. 20 - SM City BATANGAS For more details: Visit: ht

Keds: The Original Sneaker

I remembered that our family is a great fan of Keds. And still trending! A must have to those who love wearing sneakers and remain casual. You can check out who was seen lately wearing Keds on the Hollywood scene. Well, simplicity is still the best. In 1916, Keds created an American Classic: the first shoe with a soft rubber sole, so comfortable & quiet you could "sneak" up on anyone. This original sneaker, called the “Champion” has remained a style icon for almost 100 years. Worn by legends Paul Newman, Audrey Hepburn, The Ramones, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O, and consistently celebrated by Vogue, Elle and GQ, Keds continues to attract fashion designers, stylists and top editors in the industry with their classic, authentic style. Through all the fashion trends of the century, Keds hasn’t changed much since they were created. As a matter of fact, the Keds “Champion” sneaker has remained essentially unchanged for more than half a century! It has become a fa

New Hello Kitty Line from Macy's

It’s a super-cute spin on an old-school classic! Take a peek at our exclusive Hello Kitty collection & show some love for your fave feline friend. More photos here

Weekend Humor with Siri and The Big Bang Theory

Raj got a new date. And it's Siri! Despite of those hassles happened over the past few days, watching this video made me laugh and feel relieved. Credits to the uploader :)

Buy The Essential Series: The greatest hits of biggest artists in the world

This is a must buy! :) Essential Series offers the greatest hits of the biggest and best artists in the world. 2CDs for the price of one, this series is available in music stores, nationwide. Fresh artwork, updated track listings and new artists included, there is something for everyone in this well established series. The Essential Series is released by Ivory Music & Video, the exclusive licensee of Sony Music in the Philippines. Essential Series has something for everyone, from the King of Pop to Grammy-winning pop divas, From grunge rockers to funky disco hit-makers, from cool jazz cats to folk-rock heroes, The Essential Series covers the whole spectrum of music. Complete your collection with The Essential Series . For more info visit

Angeline Quinto Live in Bacolod on April 14

ANGELINE QUINTO lives her Dream Concert Tour in Bacolod, April 14, 2012, University of St. La Salle. Star Power pop superstar Angeline Quinto brings the dream to the stage of University of St. La Salle Bacolod City on April 14, 2012 to sing her top tracks, "Patuloy ang Pangarap", "Kunin Mo Na Ang Lahat Sa Akin", "Mahiwaga", "Saan Darating Ang Umaga", "Hanggang" and more. From last year's successful concert at The Sky Dome, the first Star Power Grand Champion was the voice behind different drama anthology OST of ABS-CBN's Primetime Drama including "100 Days To Heaven", "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin", "Way Back Home" and more. ASAP Live's asset and Star Magic's music princess, Angeline Quinto's "Dream Concert Tour" in Bacolod City will be directed by Dido Camara with musical director Marvin Querido. This once-in-a-lifetime event is produced by ASAP Live, Media Nation and That's

Mardi Jazz at Eastwood Mall Open Park

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" orderby="title"] Featuring The Brass Monkeys, Dino Fiumara, Dave Eggar and Deoro Executive band held at Eastwood City Open Park last Friday, February 17.  

Lea Salonga call you to audition for KANTA PILIPINAS!!!

Hope and Strength for the Filipino: TV5 believes in Cagayanons, to hold first on-ground auditions on Feb.24 at SM CDO Upod na Kita Cagayan De Oro sa KANTA PILIPINAS! TV5 Manila believes in the talent of the Filipino! For while the news reports the damages of calamity brought by floods previously hit the Cagayan De Oro province, the faith of the Filipino to lift spirits up should be promoted to push recovery and strength of the region. TV5's newest and biggest reality singing search calls on the nation to sing with Kanta Pilipinas set to hold its first on-ground audition at SM Cagayan De Oro Feb.24. Open to all aspiring singers ages 14-30 years old,male and female, solo, duet or groups, TV5's Kanta Pilipinas will not be your usual singing talent search. Contestants' lives and stories will be featured to set more Filipinos appreciate the talent more than the song. Believe that the song can move mountains, believe in the talent of the Filipino. The song may just push our fello

Lifestyle Network brings Acoustic Alchemy Live in Manila

Premier lifestyle channel Lifestyle Network will once again partake in the annual Philippine International Jazz and Arts Festival (PI Jazzfest) , as it brings renowed British contemporary jazz band Acoustic Alchemy and other world class musicians in an event dubbed as "ABS-CBN Gala" on February 24, 6pm at the Newport Performing Arts Theatre, Resorts World Manila. For nearly 25 years, Acoustic Alchemy has pushed the limits of the acoustic guitar's potential by embracing a spectrum of musical styles, ranging from straight-ahead jazz to folk to rock to world music and beyond. In the two and a half decades since their earliest recordings - despite a tragic setback in the late 1990s and the inherent challenges of the 21st century music industry - the group assmbled and sustained a vast and loyal following that stretches well beyond their UK origins. "For a lot of people, instrumental is just a sound that plays in the background," says Carmichael. "But we put a

Christian Bautista: First Class Outbound Expanded Edition

Here's a treat for all. Christian Bautista is celebrating his 10 anniversary in showbiz; a gift for everybody - a something to worth to keep. Releasing this highly anticipated First Class: Outbound Expanded Edition album. A MUST HAVE: It has a limited edition coffee table book Includes (9) nine tracks, five hits from the Original Outbound With his earlier hits Hands to Heaven and The Way You Look At Me “This album is really special because it celebrates my 10 years in showbiz,” says Christian. “This is really an important project because this marks my return to doing originals. I am extremely happy also that I was given this chance to re-record two of my biggest hits. Recording those tracks brought so many memories.” The album’s carrier single Beautiful To Me, a sweeping ballad, will be launched this February 26 on ASAP 2012. Christian also expressed excitement over the chance to work with some of the most promising artists of this generation Angeline Quinto for In Love Wit

All You Need to Know About Wheatgrass from Easy Pha-max Phils Inc

The reality: you can see a lot of changes, from our surroundings, and the food we eat contains harmful chemicals. There were health risks and thinking on how we can fight it from eating the right kind of foods, regular exercise, use of organic products on our skin and, taking natural supplements like Wheatgrass powder and Wheatgrass based health products from Easy Pha-max Phils. Inc. Most of other natural supplements believe that they can slow down the aging process or helps to protect you from risks, and enhances your overall appearances. Wheatgrass contains huge and high level content of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, phytochemicals and more than 100 types of enzymes. The products were tested and supported by the studies done by health experts, health institutions and personal testimonials of personalities, ordinary individuals and - -- myself. You can also check out other users testimonials on their website, and discove

Why Everybody Loves Adobo

Considered as one of the most popular dish in the Philippines, Adobo is each household's favorite. Naturally cooked with vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, black pepper and bay leaf - this dish is easy to prepare. You can use pork or chicken even a combination of both. Adobo has been developed and served with so many adaptation. Even provinces have their own style of cooking. Last Saturday, I was introduced to the newest branch of Adobo Connection (known for its Adobo varieties) in SM Sta Mesa and I've found out that they served several Adobo Dishes like: Modern Adobo, Mestizang Adobo, Adobo Sa Gata, Mama's Adobo, Kuya's Adobo and so much more. They also serve Fish and Tofu, Gising Gising, Sisig, and desserts like Leche Flan, Guinomis, Pandan Jelly and Halo-Halo. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="4" orderby="title"]   Visit Adobo Connection at selected malls and establishments: SM Sta Mesa, Eastwood, Makati, Pearl Drive Ortiga

Are you ready for Facebook Verified Accounts?

Seemed that Facebook is really serious in scrapping off pseudonyms, impostors and using fake accounts. With this new feature, public figures or celebrities are given the opportunity to verify their account. Facebook launched its 'real name policy' and required users to use their real birth names. Verified accounts are allowed to use pseudonyms in lieu of real names. Steps in verification: Upload a scanned form of photo identification These are: government issued IDs, school or work IDs Wait until Facebook has verified the account, they said the company will permanently delete the file containing scanned images of the ID Stage names will be allowed only if you completed the verification process. Your verified profile will be visible on your Facebook Subscribe Suggestions Through this feature, Facebook users will prevent from subscribing to another person that has a similar name But the issue here is: Facebook is not yet confirming if they will put a 'verified'

Led Poi Jam at Brasilipinas 2012

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="504" caption="Thanks to Flowtoys and Home of Poi for the wonderful LED poi toys :)"] [/caption] credits to Planet Zips Poi is define as a performance art in which ball or balls are attached to a handle through a string or other materials, usually a plaited cord, are held in the hand and swung in circular patterns. Poi is one of the traditional performing arts of the Maori people of New Zealand, and has developed into many forms like fire poi, glow poi, sock poi etc. Poi is being enjoyed by thousands of people nowadays, it can be done at performance level or as a hobby. Poi dancers can be found performing alongside jugglers and other entertainers in festivities, especially ones that are celebrated in beaches. Poi comes in two forms: the shorter one in which the cord equals the length of the wrist to the fingertips, the second form is the longer and more famous version which spans from the shoulder to the

Bloggers United Presents: Indie Fridays

Calling out all independent and promising your individuals in the field of fashion, music and film. This is your time to showcase your gift and creativity. Join, Indie Fridays - wherein you can freely share your expertise throughout the night. Discover the power of internet and let the social networks do it for you. To know more about this, here's the announcement from Bloggers United About INDIE FRIDAYS From the makers of the hit Bloggers United Bazaar, Bloggers United is back with a special project this 2012 - INDIE FRIDAYS! It is an event that aims to provide a platform for independent and promising young individuals in the field of fashion, music and film to showcase their gift and creativity. The social media community is teeming with undiscovered talents and we at Bloggers United would like to give them exposure outside the world wide web for a moment to truly shine or simply vent out their passion for their craft. Fridays at Ponticello will never be the same as we transform

Happy 5th Birthday, Nuffnang!

Why should you include Nuffnang on your blog? You can reach local and international area viewers, since Nuffnang is good in handling networks. Your website can gain reputation and links, thus, enabling you to have a higher rank in search engines. Through web search and sharing. You can improve the popularity of your brand since your name will be seen every time you post something. Through Nuffnang, your site can gain more viral stories, more socialization, and more fun! You can promote your own blogs/articles just by simply including their URLs on your posts. Nuffnang allows you to share interesting ideas, ask questions, and post facts that can provide interest to your friends. So, on its 5th birthday, Nuffnang still one of the most sought Blog Community Advertising Community! Happy Birthday Nuffnang, I Hope I can be part of this special celebration. Count me in please? hehehe.  

RJ Ledesma Launches his new book

Tonight, catch the official launch of RJ Ledesma's new book It Only Hurts When I Pee   Guide to Bodly Gases, Hair Loss and Pink Parts and be part of this enchanting night talking about  pinoy dating and mating scenes and some of the men's first hand experiences (love, rejection, pinoy style). A Curious Thought: What’s Inside a Bad Boy’s Pair of Pants? What does action star Robin Padilla, former president Joseph Estrada, and cosmetic surgeon-turned-celebrity Hayden Kho have in common with Hollywood stars James Dean, Collin Farrel, and Robert Downey, Jr.? Unless you’re a brooding man who can make women want to drop everything and land in your brawny arms every time something unfriendly comes their way, most men have all went through devastating heartaches at some point in their lives. We’ve seen it a thousand times—nice guys getting dumped and friend-zoned over stoic, devastatingly gorgeous, distressed men reminiscent of Damon Salvatore and Edward Cullen, who can make even blood

Kevyn Lettau Singing Far Away

Philippine Jazz Fest featuring Kevyn Lettau at Eastwood Mall Open Park last February 17. Credits to

Philippine Jazz Fest featuring Kevyn Lettau

Kevyn Lettau , Internationally renowned for her music and performed several times in the Philippines (one of my favorite jazz singer) was at Eastwood Mall Open Park last February 17 for Philippine Jazz Festival. Featuring some of her songs like Far Away, Sunlight, Bridges - that night was really unforgettable. Here are some of the photos taken that night. Thanks to Eastwood Mall and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls for that special night engagement. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="4" orderby="title"]

Top Trending Searches on Yahoo! Philippines - February 6 to 12

Who trended last week search results? They were different personalities from showbiz and sports industry (both local and foreign base). We all got shocked when we opened our TV and internet; saw the shocking headline of Whitney Houston's death and the rise of 'Linsanity' - Jeremy Lin. --------------------------- Athletes and singers lead trending search topics on Yahoo! PH NBA player Jeremy Lin, the late pop diva Whitney Houston, Filipino Disney Legend Lea Salonga, Queen of Pop Madonna, and football superstar David Beckham are among the top trending searches on Yahoo! Philippines from February 6 to 12, 2012. Jeremy Lin. Linsanity has hit Filipino netizens as Taiwanese-American Jeremy Lin, currently the hottest athlete in the United States, tops this week's list of trending search topics on Yahoo! Philippines. Last week, the 23 year-old New York Knicks point guard scored 38 points and led the Knicks to a 92-85 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. Last December the Golde

Ahron Villena is Walker Brand Ambassador

  [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="5" orderby="title"]   SM Sta Mesa - Ahron Villena is Walker Underwear’s endorser , held its meet and greet session at SM Sta Mesa and also done several mall tours in different cities and provinces. Organized by Walker and SM Department Store. Ahron is also inviting everyone to watch his new show in TV5 - Felina: Prinsesa ng mga pusa. Fans mostly female kolehiyalas had a great afternoon with Ahron. Autograph signing followed after the show.

Managing your budget at 3 Day Sale

Here we go again, it's a mall-wide sale this time at SM Sta Mesa . With our busy work schedule, shopping is considered one of the best time to relax and spend your money in a very thrift way. So, what are those things we need to consider first to avoid rush, wrong decision and impulsive buying? Here's how. 1. Make a list of things you would like to buy. From the items you need most to the least ones, make sure you've already checked out their regular prices and compared with the markdown prices. I know its difficult but from there, you can easily calculate your savings. 2. Block your schedule. If you're meeting with friends or colleagues, take the initiative to meet them at the mall so that they can also spend the rest of their time checking on sale items, chatting with you while shopping and have some coffee when all of you get tired. 3. Read the announcement (print and online), it was a luggage sale that time and if you are planning to travel then this is the best opp

A1's first stop: CEBU!

For those who are excited for "The Greatest Hits Tour," on the 25th of this Month. A1's first stop was in Cebu. Lucky fans got the chance to welcome them upon their arrival. A1 will be going to Manila on the 23rd for their album promotions, "Waiting for Daylight" under MCA Music. Also this special tour edition includes 2012 Versions of their BIGGEST HITS: Like A Rose, Caught In The Middle and Everytime. Fans can expect for these guys to sing their biggest hits and surprise cuts in the triple-treat concert dubbed "The Greatest Hits Tour: Blue, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees and A1 - Live in Manila 2012"on February 25 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum at 8 pm. For ticket inquiries, contact TicketNet Box Office at 911-5555 or Wilbros Live at 374-2222.

Farewell, Whitney Houston - We will always love you

For complete coverage of Whitney Houston's death, tune in to CNN and HLN. On Saturday, watch Houston's funeral live starting at 11 a.m. ET on CNN TV,, and the CNN mobile apps. Sony Music Entertainment has issued the following statement regarding Whitney Houston: “Whitney Houston was an icon and a once-in-a-lifetime talent who inspired a generation of singers and brought joy to millions of fans around the world. She had a voice of unmatched beauty and power that changed music forever, and she leaves behind an indelible legacy of timeless songs that will never be forgotten. She also was an important member of the Sony Music family who spent her storied recording career with Arista Records. She will be greatly missed. Our deepest condolences go out to her daughter and her entire family.”   Celebrate the life and music of the Grammy-winning singer with The Essential Whitney Houston ,

Open House Invite: Anvaya Cove - February 19

Anvaya Cove invites you to come and join them to their Open house tomorrow, February 19, 2012 (Sunday). Experience summer's radiant vibe and see how it lights up your life at Anvaya Cove Take your family out and join us as we open the doors of the seascape ridge - your family's very own sweet escape. Guides in Looking for a Good House The house we are living is not for a lifetime, for some other reason, time will come that we will move out. Move out, then move in. Move in to another place. Move in to another home. This scenario quite be seen on some people who lives in an apartment. Moving out is hard, but settling for another place is even harder. You have to begin from the top. What makes it harder is when you look for a new house or place to call your home. Questions will occur to your mind. Like, what type of house will I choose this time? How much is my budget? Or, can I really live on this house? In choosing your next possible home to be, some things must be considered.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Grand Opening at Two E-Com Center on February 18

Planning for a cup of coffee with friends on weekends? Don't forget to drop by at Two E-Com Center in Mall of Asia Complex from 12:30 to 1:30 pm and enjoy your favorite drink for only P100. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf opens its 42nd store this weekend; a great way to relax and enjoy the rest of the days hanging out at Mall of Asia Two E-Com Center.   PRESS RELEASE Specialty coffee and tea purveyor, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® , reinforces its claim as the preferred café chain in the country by opening its 42nd store right at the heart of Pasay City. Located at Two E-com Center in the Mall of Asia Complex, the new The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store will be serving customers their full selection of specialty coffee and teas by February 18. “This newest addition to our line of strategically-placed stores will help us fully realize our vision of providing every Filipino with the best available coffee and tea out there,” explains Walden Chu, President of The Coffee Bean &

Up All Night: One Direction - The Official Album Launch in Manila

Oh, I've been browsing my Facebook and found out that 'One Direction' album launch last time was a hit. There fans (Philippines) who lined up to get a glimpse, purchase and mingle with other 'Juan Directioners' (fanbase nickname) happened at Astroplus The Block. Check out this link for some footages of the One Direction "Up All Night" album launch party last Feb. 11, 2012 at Astroplus, SM The Block. ONE DIRECTION 1 BAND ● 1 ALBUM ● NO. 1 ON THE CHARTS! Get ready as the boys of One Direction are set to conquer the music scene with their debut album “Up All Night” . One Direction consists of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. With their debut album, the group was able to record with legendary names including Steve Mac, who has worked with Westlife, JLS and Leona Lewis; Rami Yacoub (Backstreet Boys, Bon Jovi, Britney Spears), and Matt Squir

[Video] Charlie Green - Kamusta Ka

One of the best OPM song of all time, Here is Charlie Green's rendition of Kamusta Ka last February 14 at Eastwood Mall

[Video] Charlie Green - Sukiyaki

Here's Charlie Green singing 'Sukiyaki' - That is one of my favorite song hmmm when was this song became a hit?

Charlie Green - Valentine Symphonies at Eastwood Mall

Guess who's my date last Valentine? We were serenaded by international teen sensation Charlie Green . From a cute boy to a teenage heartthrob, this British-Filipino crooner has released his new album called "Rainbow." Charlie Green sang few songs from his new album, including 'Kamusta Ka' and 'Sukiyaki' Here are the photos taken at the event. Thanks to Eastwood Mall and Megaworld Lifestyle Malls for the invite. Happy Valentines! Catch more shows, [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="4" orderby="title"]

Vote for Yeng Constantino – 2012 MYX Music Awards

Great News Yengsters, Let's vote for Yeng Constantino who is currently nominated for Favorite Artist/Female Artist at 2012 MYX Music Awards. Voting details is listed below. Pop Rock Princess Yeng Constantino , a consistent honoree of the MYX Music Awards, is nominated once again at the said awards show this year. Yeng, nominated as Favorite Artist and Female Artist , has established herself as one of the most prolific, talented young talents of her generation. She recently staged her hit pre-Valentine’s Day concert Ok Lang Maging Single sa Valentine’s Day, which packed the Music Museum last week. Yeng’s latest single Pag-Ibig , a song about unconditional love written by Yeng especially for the concert, was launched online and reached 1 million views on Youtube a few days after. It is still one of the top songs in the MYX Daily Top 10. Yeng is being managed by Erickson Raymundo’s Cornerstone Talent Management Center. There are 3 ways to vote: via MYXph, Facebook and Twitter. HERE

Vote for your favorite Universal Records artists at 2012 MYX Music Awards

Universal Records dominated the 2012 MYX Music Awards with 23 nominations from 18 categories. Parokya ni Edgar, enjoys seven nods for Favorite Music Video, Song (Pangarap Lang Kita), Artist, Group, Collaboration (One Hit Combo with Gloc9), and MYX Live Performance, plus Guest Appearance for JM De Guzman for Pangarap Lang Kita. Christian Bautista, on the other hand, earned five nominations (Favorite Artist, Male Artist, Remake for Love Moves In Mysterious Ways, Media Soundtrack for I Am Already King, and Guest Appearance for Alodia Gosiengfiao for All That’s Left), while Sam Concepcion got 3 (Favorite Male Artist, Remake for Forever Young, and Celebrity VJ). Sponge Cola (Favorite Group, Mellow Video) and Kamikazee (Favorite Collaboration and Rock Video) have two nominations each. JayR is nominated for Favorite Urban Video for Connection with Chelo and Q-York. Universal Records lords it over the Favorite K-Pop Video Category with 2NE1’s Lonely, Super Junior’s Mr. Simple, Big Bang’s T

STAGES got 13 nominations at the 2012 MYX Music Awards

Hi everyone. Its voting time for 2012 MYX Music Awards . This time, a great opportunity for STAGES as it dominates most of the nominations to be exact: 13 nominations in 18 categories.   Christian Bautista earned five nominations (Favorite Artist, Male Artist, Remake for Love Moves In Mysterious Ways, Media Soundtrack for I Am Already King, and Guest Appearance for Alodia Gosiengfiao for All That’s Left), while Sam Concepcion got 3 (Favorite Male Artist, Remake for Forever Young, and Celebrity VJ). Karylle is one of the nominees for the Favorite Female Artist Category, while JayR is nominated for Favorite Urban Video for Connection with Chelo and Q-York. OPM’s most promising solo act Zia Quizon enjoys four nominations – Favorite Female Artist, New Artist, Song for Ako Na Lang, Guest Appearance for Enrique Gil. There are 3 ways to vote: via MYXph, Facebook and Twitter. HERE'S HOW: On Just click here, select your favorites per category and c

The Most Popular Searches for Valentine 2012 in Yahoo!

Manila, February 13, 2012 – February is a month associated with love and romance. Valentine ’s Day symbols of the heart-shaped outlines, doves and the figure of the winged Cupid are evident in the celebration for most people around the world including the Philippines. Saint Valentine’s Day , commonly shortened to Valentine’s Day now-a-days has become a special occasion for people to express their love not only for their sweethearts, but also for their parents, children and colleagues too! “Beyond the regular expected searches during Valentine’s Day for gifts, flowers and dining places, Yahoo! Search Trends observed interesting trends related to ‘famous quotes’ and ‘proposals/declaration of love’ by the Filipinos” , said Henryl Moreno, Manager, Editorial for Search & Platforms in Southeast Asia. Here are the most popular Valentine related search results in Yahoo! Philippines: 1. Valentine ’s Day card: With the growing online trend today, Valentine’s Day ideas are just a click away

Saying I love You - in a healthy way!

I know this is the month wherein you are 'oblige' and 'indulge' yourself from eating several dishes on the table. Who cares? It's Valentine's! (I know all of us are looking forward to each month's special occasion so that we can eat like there's no tomorrow. I've been reading a lot of 'heart-y moments, best songs played during valentine's, gifts to give on valentine's day and many more,' And I have decided to write something that is 'healthy.' Yes, let's pick these healthy dishes that are good for our heart.   [gallery link="file" order="DESC" orderby="title"] Red Wine: The source of catechins and resveratrol, both aid to 'good cholesterol' Dark Chocolate: Hmm, I love eating chocolates. Dark chocolates can be a good source of resveratrol and cocoa blends (flavonoids) Salmon/Tuna: Rich with omega-3 fatty acids, gives boost of calcium intake Flaxseeds: Another good source of omega-3

BPI Family Auto Loan announces easy car ownership for BPI Clients

A very good news to all BPI Clients and planning to own your dream car. BPI Family Auto Loa n is here to assist you in all of your inquiries. Just visit their website, and make sure you were able to submit the details correctly. Wait for the verification and read more below for the instructions: Press Release Every Filipino dreams of getting a brand new car. The latest car model, the smoothest ride, the best brand – car ownership for Filipinos is the ultimate symbol that they’ve got it made. But dream cars don’t always come cheap and a buyer has to understand that apart from the actual cost of the car, one still has to be prepared to shell out money for additional expenses like chattel mortgage fees, compulsory third party liability (CTPL) and comprehensive car insurance; then prior to driving a brand new car out of the showroom, its registration should be processed – all necessities for a car owner. Car insurance, in particular, is something a car owner won’t b

Now Available: Yahoo! Social Bar

Integrate your social profile using Yahoo! Social Bar. Here you can socially share Yahoo! News (, Yahoo! OMG ( and Yahoo! She ,( Today, you can see your friends sharing what they've read and featured it on their timeline. To know more about this, here's the press article from Yahoo! Philippines. PRESS RELEASE Yahoo! Socializes More Content Worldwide; Extends Facebook Integration Across Southeast Asia Yahoo! Sites The Yahoo! Social Bar is now available on Yahoo! Philippines News, She and OMG! MANILA, FEBRUARY 09, 2012 – Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO), the premier digital media company, today announced it is extending the Facebook integration, known as Social Bar, to all the Southeast Asia and India markets. In the Philippines, the social bar will be launched on Yahoo!’s most popular properties including Yahoo! News, Yahoo! She, the recently launched women’s lifestyle, healthy living, parenting and fashi

The 17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta – Day 3

This is my first time to witnessed the balloons lifted up early in the morning. Our group decided to leave Manila at midnight and our goal was to arrive in Clark as early as 5am and  'spot' a good place for us to see those gorgeous hot air balloons.  Kuya Azrael went on the first day ( you can check his blog post ) It is actually my THIRD TIME to attend this huge festivity wherein you can only see them during the love month (February). My second visit was posted on my blog ( read it here ), we captured the glowing of the balloons and stayed overnight in a hostel. But this year is different, we did camped out and secure our place at 4am. It was a bit cold on that time and good thing we brought our jackets, hoodies, mats and humor. Yes, from the meeting place (manila) until we left Clark (we shared laughters, jokes and endless stories). San Fernando, Pampanga was our first destination. Bloopers while we rode the wrong bus. Blame it to the conductors when we asked if the bus will