God's Little Devotional Book

We were at Cafe 1771 in El Pueblo, Ortigas and while waiting for the program for the launch of EMO Jewelry, I grabbed this book from the shelves. This book has inspirational stories with bible phrases and famous quotes that you'll surely love to read.

I took snapshots of few pages and somehow I find it humorous. I hope I can buy this book, hmmmm

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Quotes from "God's Little Devotional Book" & God's Little Instruction Book

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to be enjoyed.

--God's Little Devotional Book

A critical spirit is like poison ivy--it only takes a little contact to spread its poison.

--God's Little Devotional Book

We should seize every opportunity to give encouragement. Encouragement is oxygen to the soul.

--God's Little Devotional Book

Give your troubles to God: He'll be up all night anyway.

--God's Little Devotional Book

I don't know the secret to success but the key to failure is to try to please everyone.

-- God's Little Devotional Book

In trying times, don't quit trying.

-- God's Little Devotional Book

Ninety percent of the friction of daily life is caused by the wrong tone of voice.

--God's Little Instruction Book
SOURCE: http://www.proactivechange.com/quotes/devotional.htm


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