Open House Invite: Anvaya Cove - February 19

Anvaya Cove invites you to come and join them to their Open house tomorrow, February 19, 2012 (Sunday).

Experience summer's radiant vibe and see how it lights up your life at Anvaya Cove

Take your family out and join us as we open the doors of the seascape ridge - your family's very own sweet escape.
Guides in Looking for a Good House

The house we are living is not for a lifetime, for some other reason, time will come that we will move out. Move out, then move in. Move in to another place. Move in to another home. This scenario quite be seen on some people who lives in an apartment. Moving out is hard, but settling for another place is even harder. You have to begin from the top.

What makes it harder is when you look for a new house or place to call your home. Questions will occur to your mind. Like, what type of house will I choose this time? How much is my budget? Or, can I really live on this house?

In choosing your next possible home to be, some things must be considered. These things are definitely helpful in making decision.

Decide the kind of place you want to live. Either you moved out just to look for another place to rent, kind of houses must be consider. Or, you may think, would you rent again or buy a house this time? On our generation, you may find houses like bungalow style, 2-floor style house, Mediterranean house or subdivision house. These houses can be rent. But if you want to pay more and wants something like rent-to-own, you may look for condos, or the newest in infrastructure in real estate, condotels.

Know the limit of your budget. Either you buy or rent a house or a condo, there are terms of agreement that needs your signature. When looking for a house, consider your money, your budget. How much can you afford? How much percentage can you take away from your monthly salary for your mortgage? These questions must be answered before signing an agreement. If you can't afford, look for new suggestions. Wherever you may be, it is to doubt if you'll never find a low budget house for you.

Look for a near-to-work site. You must be knowledgeable to the fact that it is easier to go to your work everyday with a house not too far to your office. Why? By considering this, you may be able to save bucks. No need to drive yourself because you can walk; that is, less budget for car gasoline. You can just ride on a bus which is more convenient than calling a cab. And that is, less budget for everyday fare. Beside, home too far from work can be too stressful to life. You'll be spending long hours of commuting rather than spending this precious time with other concerns.

Find a house that you can proudly announce: This is my Home. Let's say you considered those three, you followed all of them, but can you consider that house that you picked a home? If no, why do you think so? Of course, you need to have your mind set on what a home for you is. Is it something with a garden? An attic? Or a rooftop? Find a house where you know you can raise your children in a right manner. Find a house where you know can handle you and your family. A house with a 'Home Sweet Home' on its door is not a home unless the people living in that house knows that is is a home.

Choose the right neighborhood. Yes my dear, you have to consider this thing too. Inspect the location. Are there criminals within the community? Is it a safe place to live? Of course, safety precautions must be on your list too. Find a choose a house in a jurisdiction where you think of is a friendly one. Look over your neighborhood. Be observant.

Now, those are the things we need to contemplate first while house hunting. These are only guides. It still depends on you on how you get yourself a new home.


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