Are you ready for Facebook Verified Accounts?

Seemed that Facebook is really serious in scrapping off pseudonyms, impostors and using fake accounts. With this new feature, public figures or celebrities are given the opportunity to verify their account. Facebook launched its 'real name policy' and required users to use their real birth names. Verified accounts are allowed to use pseudonyms in lieu of real names.

Steps in verification:

  • Upload a scanned form of photo identification

  • These are: government issued IDs, school or work IDs

  • Wait until Facebook has verified the account, they said the company will permanently delete the file containing scanned images of the ID

  • Stage names will be allowed only if you completed the verification process.

  • Your verified profile will be visible on your Facebook Subscribe Suggestions

Through this feature, Facebook users will prevent from subscribing to another person that has a similar name

But the issue here is: Facebook is not yet confirming if they will put a 'verified' batch on your profile.
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Oh, am not a celebrity nor a public figure :) I don't need this one.

1. Is the process the same with fan pages? business names? and organization pages?
2. What if more than one person handled the pages? Who is more legitimate?

Kindly enlighten me. I seldom use FB nowadays. The features I read daily on my timeline gets boring. Unless they were personal photos, shout out and promotions from friends, family and colleagues or a shared good news. I'm also planning to remove all those abusive users that keeps on tagging like no tomorrow, disturbing me in the middle of the night just to click the LIKE BUTTON OF THEIR PAGE. People tagged you because they like what they're tagging. Not forcing them to tag and like your page. PERIOD. I give exemptions to my friends who proficiently know and understand the use of social networks. I'm referring to those newbies who didn't even dare read a single article about Social Networking. Sigh. You can borrow my book if you want :)




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