Chit Chat with Paolo Santos

Acoustic Sensation Paolo Santos talks about his music, lifestyle and anything under the sun.

I got a chance to talk with Paolo Santos. It brought so many memories since I had been watching some of his acoustic gigs during the peak of his career. Paolo Santos is releasing his new album. And glad to know that he was very comfortable making this album because James Taylor is one of his best musical influence. The tracks from his album was handpicked by himself; extremely excited on the preparation of the album until the launching day.

Question: How was the response of younger audience with regards to your music? 

Paolo Santos: I was invited to some events like proms and graduation parties. So I think meron na, in this particular aspect, the music on my album is old but for the younger generation we also played top songs during our gigs, its really different when you watch in a bar...sana dumami ang shows so that you can comfortably listen to our songs.

Question: Are you active online?
Paolo Santos: Not Really. But I have a Twitter Account. You can follow me at misteracoustic. Yung Facebook is strictly personal. Pero we set up a fan page for updating our fans regarding our gigs, shows and promo tours. (me: add kita sa twitter!)!/misteracoustic

Like may nagtweet, if kumain na ba ko? I answer relevant questions since may responsibility ako sa mga fans.
For example: Nagtweet ako like "I'm In Divisoria, hassle pero mura kasi bday ng anak ko." Then,Itchykel of Itchyworms replied "Wag kang magcelfone" Tapos nagreply ako...OO nga..Tweet nya - Sumasagot pa.

Question: Do you read comments online?
Paolo Santos: No, because sometimes I got offended (pero dati yun). Pero ngayon kahit sabihin nila kahit ano, OKAY LANG.

During the past years, I was sensitive. Ngayon, I can handle every pressure and negative feedbacks.

That was just a very casual talk with Paolo Santos. I hope you can check out his new album and watch his shows.


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