Lea Salonga call you to audition for KANTA PILIPINAS!!!

Hope and Strength for the Filipino: TV5 believes in Cagayanons, to hold first on-ground auditions on Feb.24 at SM CDO

Upod na Kita Cagayan De Oro sa KANTA PILIPINAS! TV5 Manila believes in the talent of the Filipino! For while the news reports the damages of calamity brought by floods previously hit the Cagayan De Oro province, the faith of the Filipino to lift spirits up should be promoted to push recovery and strength of the region. TV5's newest and biggest reality singing search calls on the nation to sing with Kanta Pilipinas set to hold its first on-ground audition at SM Cagayan De Oro Feb.24.

Open to all aspiring singers ages 14-30 years old,male and female, solo, duet or groups, TV5's Kanta Pilipinas will not be your usual singing talent search. Contestants' lives and stories will be featured to set more Filipinos appreciate the talent more than the song. Believe that the song can move mountains, believe in the talent of the Filipino. The song may just push our fellow Cagayanons to hope and recovery. Kanta Pilipinas believes in the Cagayanons and will choose to keep the faith in the Filipino. Sing with all your heart and soul and help our fellow Filipinos in Cagayan De Oro hope and succeed. Sing for it may be what you are made for! Tara Na! Upod na kita Cagayanon sa Kanta Pilipinas!

Lea Salonga calls you to "KANTA PILIPINAS" Auditions!!!

Audition dates:

Feb. 24 - SM City CAGAYAN DE ORO
Mar. 02 - SM City CEBU
Mar. 10 - SM City DAVAO
Mar. 16 - SM City BAGUIO
Mar. 23 - SM City ILOILO
Mar. 30 - SM City NORTH EDSA
Apr. 20 - SM City BATANGAS

For more details:
Visit: http://www.kantapilipinas.com/
Email: kantapilipinas@tv5.com.ph
Twitter: http://twitter.com/kanta_pilipinas
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kantapilipinas
YouTube: www.youtube.com/kantapilipinas

Kanta Mo, Kwento Mo, KAPATID!!! KANTA PILIPINAS!!!


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