Friday Night with my Sisters - Eight (8) Years of Retardedness

This is a personal post, and anything I wrote here is based on my personal experiences. NO animals were harmed in this post! LOL! Am sorry for the grammar, it's already 4am and I'm sleepy lol.

Yakimix...Smokeless Grill Eat All You Can Buffet

This is our pre-valentine date since we all know that this is the LOVE MONTH. So my advice to you is to plan ahead and set your goals on which places you want to spend with your loved ones.

You worked so hard and it's about time for you to treat yourself and GO OUT!  Spend your quality time with quality people! Yes, that's true. You're busy for almost everyday and give a TIME OUT on your daily routine - go out and feel the ambiance outside! hahaha.

I had to say that I spent the wackiest and another historical moments with my sisters. Tagged as fan girls aka retardeds, I love being with them. We met since the craze of F4 (Oh baby! baby, baby! days!) and until now we are still together. I know there were busy days (unreachable)--almost a year (for me) because of several things I attended (crazy 2011) and now am back to the limelight.

Wow that was our Lounge anniv in 2008, hahaha.

When was this? LOL

Shhhh, Quiet!!!

My passport to HAPPINESS

Losing Directions, where is Esplanade~!!!

Five boys.

Picture this! :)

Hmm, Barricade!

Official Hideout!

Yakimix is our chosen destination. We love to eat! Our passion of restaurant hopping those days were remarkable. Good thing that I arrived earlier and able to reserve a table. Packed with almost everything (food!), that place highlighted how we missed each other. The laughter and stories never ended. We shared our day-to-day experiences, and our future plans as well. FYI, we love to travel also. We've been to different places and experienced how wonderful it is to spend the rest of your days walking, shopping, traveling, losing  map directions, arguing which place to go first, eating, screaming just because we saw a poster on streets and stalking our favorite Asian celebrities (name them!) (hahaha!).

SubSpace in Ortigas (corner Garnet and Emerald)

Hmmm, Kpop lol

After dinner, our usual routine is to transfer to a coffee shop and continue our chikahan. We went to Subspace in Ortigas. It's a cool cafe with novelities displayed everywhere KPOP in particular since there were so many Korean tenants around the area. Perfect ambiance with Korean background music of your choice, hehehe.

That was eight years of togetherness aka retardness. Now we're back, so what's next? Flooding our walls with photos and tweets never ended as we reached home. Yes, I know that we have now different priorities in life. Likewise, we know how to maximize our available time. So, If I were you, start to initiate calling your friends and invite them for a dinner or coffee. In tagalog, Kung di ngayon, kelan pa?

Thank you sisters. Hey it's February 4 today. Abbreviation for F4. LOL. We promise ourselves to hold a grand get together on our 10th year anniversary. Hmmm, sounds fun. More years to come and artists to stalk lol.


From Dubai with Love :) Thanks sis Lauren and  to her Mom :)



Til our next destination.....


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