Insights on Blog Commenting

I don't know if you have experience checking on your comment moderation page full of pingbacks, spammed and unrelated links awaiting for your approval.

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So, as a Blogger, How can you assure that you're leaving good comments to other sites? Here's some tips that I've got online.

Blog commenting is where you want to reach out on the author and build a relationshp with the blogging community is not really hard to do tasl but somehow we must know each guidelines before we leave our links to the blog post.

1. Using your names - Some may use their real names or name of the site but the general rule of thumb is to use 'names' that you'll gain trust and show that you are not trying to spam or self promoting. (I use my penname-Daomisyel, since this is the 'name' I've used eversince I started blogging).

2. No Link Dropping - Use the form and leave your link unless it is required for you to post your link, its not the real problem but those whho are abusive to keep on posting irrelevant links which is not related to the topic

3. famous tagline - GREAT POST! - Compliment and be fair. Just don't leave your appreciation without any explanation.

4. Target Audience - Comment on a topic which do you think is related to yours. Don't feel like a genius that knows everything.

5. Read the blog post - Don't hurry and leave comment even if you didn't read the real story.

6. Contribute to the conversation - Don't just bump around. Show your opinion and leave comments and start a conversation (not an argument,ok?)

7. Interact with other Bloggers - Gain new friends, start a dialogue with someone (based on the comments) or agree with them. Make sure it is not a general comment but rather worth convincing.

These are just some of the suggestions I've read. Have a nice blog commenting!




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