Saying I love You - in a healthy way!

I know this is the month wherein you are 'oblige' and 'indulge' yourself from eating several dishes on the table. Who cares? It's Valentine's! (I know all of us are looking forward to each month's special occasion so that we can eat like there's no tomorrow.

I've been reading a lot of 'heart-y moments, best songs played during valentine's, gifts to give on valentine's day and many more,' And I have decided to write something that is 'healthy.' Yes, let's pick these healthy dishes that are good for our heart.


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Red Wine: The source of catechins and resveratrol, both aid to 'good cholesterol'
Dark Chocolate: Hmm, I love eating chocolates. Dark chocolates can be a good source of resveratrol and cocoa blends (flavonoids)
Salmon/Tuna: Rich with omega-3 fatty acids, gives boost of calcium intake
Flaxseeds: Another good source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and phytoestrogens
Oatmeal: My favorite breakfast, is a good source of soluble fiber, niacin, folate and potassium
Black or Kidney Beans: Another good source of niacin, folate, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, soluble fiber
Walnuts and almonds: With omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, magnesium, fiber and heart-favorable mono-and polyunsaturated fats
Berries: good source of beta carotene, lutein, anthocyanin, ellagic acid, vitamin c, folate, potassium and fiber

So, you don't forget to include above heart-y food sources in your valentine diet. Happy eating!


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