Managing your budget at 3 Day Sale

Here we go again, it's a mall-wide sale this time at SM Sta Mesa. With our busy work schedule, shopping is considered one of the best time to relax and spend your money in a very thrift way. So, what are those things we need to consider first to avoid rush, wrong decision and impulsive buying?

Here's how.

1. Make a list of things you would like to buy. From the items you need most to the least ones, make sure you've already checked out their regular prices and compared with the markdown prices. I know its difficult but from there, you can easily calculate your savings.

2. Block your schedule. If you're meeting with friends or colleagues, take the initiative to meet them at the mall so that they can also spend the rest of their time checking on sale items, chatting with you while shopping and have some coffee when all of you get tired.

3. Read the announcement (print and online), it was a luggage sale that time and if you are planning to travel then this is the best opportunity for you to get huge discounts on luggages, travel bags and backpacks. There were buy-one-take-one items - and it was really tempting!

4. Visit each stores and check out the all sale items. I saw huge discounts on clothes, shoes and accessories everywhere. I was overwhelmed seeing those items, it's an advantage to grab those you need for school, office or just simply wanted to get in style.

5. There were also snacks that I bought on sale. These are cookies, candies and chips that we love to eat most during breaktime.

6. Don't forget to drop by at some booths. Submit your receipts for a chance to win special goodies.

7. Bring huge eco bags - SM Sta Mesa also offering 'eco bags' for sale. Put all your purchase in one place. I always bring my eco bag whenever am outside. Eliminate losing items and also a good initiative for the environment.

8. Go Early. Mall hours during sale wekeend is extended until 10 or 11pm. Get the first hand look on your fave items, go early so that you can easier to move around.

9. Money (cash or card). Avoid long lines in atm machines, Most stores also offers 'card payments.' You don't need to withdraw your money. Instead, check the cashier if your card is acceptable. Otherwise, you're bringing a lot of trouble. It is better to have enough cash to make sure you can get the best deal for your purchase.

10. Be prepared. Do I need to elaborate this more? Be always prepare and enjoy this survival mall sale.

I also would like to thank SM Sta Mesa for accommodating us (bloggers) to feature this 3-day mall wide sale last weekend.

Happy Shopping!

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