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Likhang HABI Market Fair

Who would have thought there are a lot of fabrics from around the country? Not commonly used and therefore, rarely heard of. Growing up, I’ve heard and used a few, but thanks to Likhang HABI Market Fair , I learned there’s more than Tinalac, Batik, Pina, Abaca, Cotton etc. As a crafter myself, I’d like to source for materials that are cheaper but boasts of quality equal to, if not greater than, their imported counterparts. As a crocheter, I try to find yarns that would yield wearable or usable outputs. I would locate sellers of yarns to see what kinds they use and where they are from. The ones i end up buying were said to be outsourced from Taiwan, unknowing that there are also cotton threads that can be sourced locally, and if spooled into the preferred thickness, they could be as good as the ones i’m used to buying. This coming October 11th to 13th, the 9th Likhang HABI Market Fair will be held at the Glorietta 3 Activity Center. I hope to go there at least once to learn

[Press Release] Taiwan cultivates the future of smart agriculture

Besides being a technological hub, Taiwan also has a flourishing agricultural sector. Indeed, just in the first half of 2019, Taiwan's Council of Agriculture reported that the island republic has logged US$2.7B (nearly 140 billion pesos) worth of agricultural exports. This number is only expected to grow as the nation recalibrates its agricultural strategy. Taiwan aims to optimize its farming techniques by using high-precision technology as it commits to the Agriculture 4.0 movement. Agriculture 4.0 , or precision farming, refers to a redefined farming system that integrates high-technology innovations. According to the World Government Summit, Agriculture 4.0 is a green agricultural revolution with science and technology at its heart. In an effort to sustain its growth, the Taiwanese government is currently raising its investments in Agriculture 4.0 with a pledge of up to $300 million by 2020. To properly implement Agriculture 4.0, the following materials a

The Benefits of Self-Care: Slowing Down in a Hectic World

The main push in today’s climate is for people to be faster, more responsive, and efficient. Employees are working longer hours in order to achieve their department goals at work, though recent studies suggest that people actually become less efficient after a certain number of work hours. So, in a world that is zipping by, how do you make time for self-care? Here we’ll touch on some basic areas you may be overlooking that could vastly benefit your mental health. Managing Your Sleep Our sleep needs change as we age, so it is important to ensure that you are getting enough rest. According to Tuck, adults ages 18 and over need seven to eight hours of sleep per night. The benefits of sleep are well documented and include improvement in memory, increased productivity, better heart health, and a stronger immune system. In fact, studies have found that a lack of sleep can age your brain, make you more forgetful and increase your risk of dementia by as much as 33 percent! Ma

Threads we love, threads that bind us

9th Likhang HABI Market Fair invites you to participate in the #HABIJourney HABI: The Philippine Textile Council is excited to take you through the #HABIJourney at the 9 th Likhang HABI Market Fair on October 11 to 13 at the Glorietta 3 Activity Center in Makati City. With the theme The Highlights of our HABI Journey, this year’s edition of thepioneer in artisan market fairs and textile advocacy promises to be an immersive experience. The three-day fair will feature a HABI Craft Corner where visitors can learn the basics of weaving using pure Philippine cotton and other natural local fibers, and create their own woven products. HABI goers can also participate in the Community Craft Loom and learn modern weaving using different materials, textures, colors, and weaving techniques. There will also be workshops on macramé, the art of knotting. In keeping with its goals of promoting Filipino culture and heritage, the Likhang HABI Market Fair will also have a Baybayin 

LG reignites an old rivalry with Asian Basketball Showdown II

Korea’s LG Sakers and Barangay Ginebra gear up for a battle of the ages Basketball season is in full swing! Five years after their last meeting, worlds collide yet again as two of the most popular basketball teams in Asia face each other once more. The LG Sakers, one of the stalwarts of the Korean Basketball League (KBL), is set to face what is arguably the country’s most beloved PBA team – the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel. Dubbed as Asian Basketball Showdown, the first exhibition game between the two teams happened 5 years ago and was received very well by the appreciative crowd. It was a landmark event that pitted perennial crowd favorites in their respective leagues. The LG Sakers is one of the most well-supported teams in the whole of South Korea while Barangay Ginebra is a pillar in Philippine sporting history. To have these two teams face against each other is a dream come true for every fan of basketball. While the LG Sakers bested Barangay Ginebra in their f