Likhang HABI Market Fair

Who would have thought there are a lot of fabrics from around the country? Not commonly used and therefore, rarely heard of. Growing up, I’ve heard and used a few, but thanks to Likhang HABI Market Fair, I learned there’s more than Tinalac, Batik, Pina, Abaca, Cotton etc.

As a crafter myself, I’d like to source for materials that are cheaper but boasts of quality equal to, if not greater than, their imported counterparts. As a crocheter, I try to find yarns that would yield wearable or usable outputs. I would locate sellers of yarns to see what kinds they use and where they are from. The ones i end up buying were said to be outsourced from Taiwan, unknowing that there are also cotton threads that can be sourced locally, and if spooled into the preferred thickness, they could be as good as the ones i’m used to buying.

This coming October 11th to 13th, the 9th Likhang HABI Market Fair will be held at the Glorietta 3 Activity Center. I hope to go there at least once to learn more about the fabrics and its sources. If i can also find sellers of yarns and/or threads i can use for crocheting, that would make my day.


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