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Ken Chu Solo Performance - Liu Xing Yu (Meteor Rain) at Star Festival

F4's most popular song, Liu Xing Yu (Meteor Rain), has been sung solo for the first time since the song's release in 2001. Usually sung by at least 2 members of the band, or just 1 member but as a duet with another artist, Ken Chu for the first time sang the song solo in the song's (and the band's) 16-year history. video credits to KCIFC

My Christmas Wish List 2017

It's 12 days before Christmas and I know everyone is still undecided what to buy for your family and friends. Are you the type of person who has a huge list and should not missed anyone? Or someone who already bought gifts during the black Friday sale? Or someone that doesn't care at all? I'm actually listing down stuff that I want to buy this holiday season . Not because I want someone to gift me but I just wanted to make sure that I wish to get most of them before end of the year. Most items are stuff that i love like  Hello Kitty, gadget accessories for my phone, camera printer, scrap booking, and other cool stuff. 1. Barbie® Hello Kitty® Doll Price: $100 credits to Mattel When two of my favorite childhood characters became best friends! Barbie is wearing red sweater and bow designed skirt with matching Hello Kitty handbag and figurine. This is doll is designed by Robert Best. Absolutely a must have collection for Hello Kitty fanatics -- like me! :) 2