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Tumblr is so Disappointing! @tumblr

I inquire about this certain blog that circulated around the network and ask for assistance from Tumblr. The post (you have already seen it, i guess) are too arrogant. Stealing someone else's photos and making fun of them. Then, some familiar faces (though the poster blurred it) were posted captioning it to make it more funny. So, this is the cyberworld. Grab someone else's photos and make fun of them....After that, you and your blog will become famous because you have insulted someone you didn't even know. I guess my only recommendation for you victims is to write to Tumblr and air your sentiments ( And, set your social network into PRIVATE OR FRIENDS ONLY. If you would like to show off, then, it's up to you :) I would better read some interesting articles rather than laughing on someone else's. Sigh. CYBER BULLYING AT ITS BEST, THANK YOU TUMBLR FOR ALLOWING IT PS: THIS IS JUST MY TWO CENTS. GOD BLESS EVERYONE

Trick or Treat!

It's Halloween time, kids are excited for their 'trick or treat' adventure in their community. Before we let our kids go out, we must ensure their safety and below are some of my recommendations: Kids (below 12) should be accompany by an adult Always check your kids' costume. Make sure the costumes they are wearing are comfortable and safe to wear. Remind your kids not to run and walk slowly. Be careful in crossing the street and use crosswalks when possible. They (kids) should have a curfew, check your community schedule for assistance. Usually trick or treat started in the afternoon at 3pm and ended at 8pm Never enter inside the houses, or abandoned buildings. Parents or Guardians should check the candies before eaten (it should be sealed). My community has its own guidelines, you may browse here for additional inputs: Happy Halloween!

Get a custom URL for your Google+ profile

At last, Google+ allows me to custom my profile URL. Those long URL with numbers sucks! LOL Be sure to check your inbox and start customizing your profile URL.  

Blogapalooza 2013: When Business meets Bloggers and vice versa

That was during in 2011 when Blogapalooza was held . Introducing businesses to bloggers and have an instant connection through the use of blogging and social media as medium. Now, am glad that Blogapalooza is back! Giving more opportunity to other businesses to discover the power of digital advertising and allowing bloggers to learn more about their products and services. If are new into blogging and wanted to expand your connections, Blogapalooza will teach you how. But I advised you to focus more into your niche (your interests) and don't jumped into conclusions that you can able to promote something without learning, that is a big no no. Or better communicate with the 'experienced' bloggers you have known personally or met online. Be careful on people you trust and same with the 'offers' come along your way. Sometimes, we bloggers become obsessed on some privileges we have experienced but from my point of view, you still have to learn (in a professional way) lik

More than 5 million users downloaded BBM for Android and iOS

I dreamed of having a Blackberry but it changed my mind when I got Samsung S4 Hehe Yesterday, after announcing that you can download BBM on iOS and Android many tried their luck to test this app but unluckily....BBM app gave up. I also tried it and got this screenshot saying am on the waiting list. How about you? Would you like to try it?   Also read

Giordano Philippines Debuts on Philippine Fashion Week

Featuring Giordano's Holiday Cruise and Linen in Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 14 Collection. Get the chance to check out their exhibit showcasing "World without Strangers" print done by local artists. Also, they are giving away 45 shirts. More details  below this post so keep on reading :) See you on October 26, 2013 at the SM Mall of Asia Main Atrium. Press Release Giordano debuts on the runways of Philippine Fashion Week with a sneak peek of their Spring Summer 14 collections. This Saturday, October 26, 2013 at the SM Mall of Asia Main Atrium, Giordano’s new collections – Holiday Cruise and Linen Story will bring some fresh summer vibe on the catwalk with 85 looks featuring nautical elements, updated chambrays, summer linens, oxfords in crisp pastel palette and an array of colorful basics. Live beats provided by DJ Callum David, a.k.a. DJ Vinimal will set the show sailing on a breezy summer cruise.

Catch Gloc-9’s Liham at Lihim Album Launch at Eastwood Central Plaza

After the successful album MKNM: Mga Kwento ng Makata , here comes "Liham at Lihim," Gloc-9's second album under Universal Records. Scroll down to read more details on Gloc-9's album launching at Eastwood City on October 26. Fans of Gloc-9 can get VIP seats at the album launch by purchasing his new album at the venue entrance on event day. The CD will also entitle them access to the special autograph signing session, where they will have the chance to meet Gloc-9 up-close and have their CDs signed. Press Release Music fans can look forward to another exciting musical spectacle at Eastwood City this October as it plays host to the much-awaited album launch of the one and only Gloc-9. The award-winning rap icon will be launching his newest album ‘Liham at Lihim’ this coming October 26, 7PM at the Eastwood Central Plaza in an exclusive musical affair where fans can get a preview of his brand new record and a chance to meet the star rapper up-close. Fans of Gloc-9 can ge

Digital Analytics Fundamentals - Unit 5 & 6 / Passed the Final Assessment

After creating and implementing your Google Analytics code to your website, the next step is How to create your report for your company. Google Analytics' reporting feature is more friendly unlike before. You can now filter and custom your settings into date range, sorting tables and make it more graphical. Unit 5 explained on how you can standardize a report and how you can target new opportunities like adding metrics to your audience so that you can monitor the trends. You will able to understand the difference between creating an Audience report vs Acquisition report. Another thing, If you have paid campaigns (Google Adwords) make sure that you will able to optimize your campaigns and create additional metrics and dimension to monitor which campaign is more effective and converting. Unit 6 is determining your site's goal flow specially if you have an e-commerce site. Tracking multi-channel and funnel is one of the additional feature of Google Analytics wherein you can 

The Family (Movie)

Meet the Manzonis family, your new neighbor in France. Not an ordinary family who lives in a strange place (Normandy) and FBI is watching you 24/7 because the entire family is under the Witness Protection Program. A light comedy-suspense drama of family adjustments. Giovanni Manzoni and his family are under the control of FBI because Giovanni's testimony against his Mafia friends. His wife, Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer) is tired of hiding. She has this attitude wherein she can blow up anything when get upsets. And the two kids, who are new to school got bullied. The mafia tracked them because of this phrase written by Warren (son) in the school paper which brought so much trouble until the FBI encourage them to move out in the middle of the night. Belle (daughter), trying to become nice and friendly on her first day of school. French boys asked her if they can teach her American English and she beats the malicious boy with a tennis racket. Later on she falls in love with a Math tutor

My tour experience at Universal Studios Hollywood

At last, I've visited the world famous studio tour and theme park in LA. I wasn't able to go to Singapore but am so lucky that my dream of touring around Universal Studios in Hollywood came true! Thanks to my family :) winks! Universal Studios Hollywood has a lot of attraction, thrilling rides and endless shopping destination. This post includes my tour inside the theme park, rides, and some tips when you travel to Universal Studios. [gallery ids="8324,8325,8326,8327,8328,8329"] One of the greatest and amazing ride is the Transformers: The ride 3D wherein you will experience Autobots helping you around in between fights with Megatron. Made by HD 3D media and flight simulation, you'll be impressed and proud that you survive protecting our planet, haha. [caption id="attachment_8330" align="aligncenter" width="270"] Meeting and Talking with Megatron. Yes, this dude is talking to me while taking a photo op.[/caption] Kids talking to Me

Hello Kitty Updates: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 + The Simpsons Merge

Celebrating it 40th year anniversary, Hello Kitty product line is joining The Simpsons' family next year in collaboration between Sanrio Inc and Twentieth Century Fox. Hmmmm, so cute HK will be joining Bart, Homer, Marge and the rest of the family for a back-to-school theme in 2014. Can't wait to see the designs! [caption id="attachment_8318" align="aligncenter" width="320"] Hello Springfield, lol[/caption] Meanwhile, Samsung announced that they will be launching another Hello Kitty themed Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a dual core CPU with 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and a micro SD cardslot. Equipped with Wifi, BT, GPS and of course, it's PINK. Image credits and news sources:

Get 20% Discount for Ke$ha Warrior Tour Live in Manila Concert Tickets

Ke$ha Warrior Tour Live in Manila. Get 20% Discount for Ke$ha Warrior Tour Live in Manila Concert Tickets Date: October 24, 2013 Time: 8PM Venue: Smart Araneta Coliseum, Araneta Center, Quezon City Greatest Hits: “Die Yong”, “C’mon”, “Crazy Kids”, “Tik Tok”, “Your Love Is My Drug”, and “We R Who We R”. PROMO DETAILS: 1. Customers who will present the following may avail of the 20% off for Kesha Warrior Tour Concert Tickets: a) “KESHA Discount Letter” (see sample below) b) Valid ID 2. 20% off applies in ALL ticket tier or price level (Patron up to GA). 3. Customer must surrender the Discount Letter. 4. Ticket Seller must do the following: a) put a stamp “REDEEMED” on the Discount Letter. b) write on the Discount Letter the name of the customer as it was written on the valid ID presented. c) write the contact number of the customer d) Write the Date redeemed and name of Ticket Seller and Outlet Branch (if applicable) 5. Discount Letter will be collected for auditing purposes. 6. 1 Discou

Pawn Stars at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas

I've visited the one of the 'hit' American reality television series in Las Vegas! Pawn Stars aka World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop which is filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada is operated by 'Old Man' Richard Harrison, together with his son, Rick and Rick's son Corey 'Big Boss' and being managed by Chumlee aka Austin Russell.   This show got viewer's attention in 2010 produced by Leftfield Pictures. What did they do? The family business' has a pawn shop - they are into selling, buying and appraising of items with historical value. I remembered watching this reality series in History Channel when I was still in the Philippines. I didn't know that this was famous until we have visited the pawn shop and checked out the auctioned items. [caption id="attachment_8310" align="aligncenter" width="384"] The shop has its own electronic photobooth :P[/caption] More photos inside the Pawn Shop. Sorry, cameras are not allowe

Now Available - Digital Analytics Fundamentals - Unit 1, 2, 3, 4

I dedicated my whole afternoon (after watching Gravity LOL) reviewing the Digital Analtyics aka Google Analytics. Good thing that Google provided a three week course wherein you can practice (for current users) and learn / discover (newbies) on howGoogle Analytics can help you to improve your site whether it is a commercial or personal site. This is a FREE e-learning course :) All you have to do is to login using your account to this website, and start browsing the course outline. At the end of the page of each units there are activities -- Question and Answer, Multiple Choice or an actual application. You may review your answers before hitting the submit button (don't worry if you didn't got the answer, you can go back and review it). Below is the schedule: Available now: Pre-course survey Unit 1 - Course overview Unit 2 - Getting started with digital analytics Unit 3 - Understanding and using Google Analytics data Unit 4 - Col

Happy 46th year Anniversary to Papemelroti

[caption id="attachment_8277" align="aligncenter" width="431"] image taken from the site[/caption] Philippines #1 craft store (my favorite hangout!) is celebrating its 46th year anniversary. Get to know more about their new products, crafts and opportunities (like volunteer works, seminars, etc) through their website, Don't forget to join their anniversary contest wherein you can win awesome gift prizes. Hop in to this page for more details,  

DIY: Hello Kitty White Stew

Just saw this cute DIY instruction on how to make a Hello Kitty White Stew.   It shows on how to mold the Hello Kitty using cooked rice. credits to Sanrio Japan

What Most Schools Don't Teach - A Very Inspirational Video

Computer programming is really not my forte but I have learned basic HTMLs/coding in school and self-study. I attended both free and paid basic coding 101 during my College years and it helped a lot to understand how coding works. A blinking "Hello World" was my first coding experience (It was remarkable!). Until today I keep on reading to know and discover more about the new programs like CMS (it really helped a lot to understand the code specially when tweaking my blog and installing widgets hehe). This was an old video, but very inspirational. I was surprised to found out that Will.I.Am is studying on how to code (Anyone can learn how to code including Superstars LOL). A shout out to all Computer Programmers / Web Developers all over the world, You are all born genius. LOL. Cheers! How about you? What was your first coding experience? Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think. -Steve Jobs About the clip Learn about a

Google Analytics App for Android

Finally, you can check your website traffic through your phone. Download and install the app today. [caption id="attachment_8266" align="aligncenter" width="289"] Image source: Google Analytics blog[/caption] read more:

Google's new algorithm called Hummingbird

This is the biggest leap of Google upon reading what is Hummingbird algorithm update is all about, I was wondering if this is the old 'Caffeine' or just a part of Panda Penguin? Don't worry too much bloggers / webmasters, this is just a major update from Google after 15 years of serving as a major Search Engine. So, are there any complications specially people nowadays are keep on using too much keywords, tags and hashtags when posting online? Will the searches be more relevant? and so forth questions on some queries? The answer is simple, Hummingbird according to Wikipedia is one of the smallest birds but can rapidly flap their wings 12-80 times per second and Google would like to give you more precise and fast search results. Another thing, Google said Hummingbird will be paying more attention to each word in every query. Meaning, their goal is to match the results rather than giving you tons of pages which are irrelevant. Now, Google will be lesser dependent on each keyw