Now Available - Digital Analytics Fundamentals - Unit 1, 2, 3, 4

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I dedicated my whole afternoon (after watching Gravity LOL) reviewing the Digital Analtyics aka Google Analytics. Good thing that Google provided a three week course wherein you can practice (for current users) and learn / discover (newbies) on howGoogle Analytics can help you to improve your site whether it is a commercial or personal site.

This is a FREE e-learning course :) All you have to do is to login using your account to this website, and start browsing the course outline. At the end of the page of each units there are activities -- Question and Answer, Multiple Choice or an actual application. You may review your answers before hitting the submit button (don't worry if you didn't got the answer, you can go back and review it).

Below is the schedule:

Available now:
Pre-course survey
Unit 1 - Course overview
Unit 2 - Getting started with digital analytics
Unit 3 - Understanding and using Google Analytics data
Unit 4 - Collecting actionable data with Google Analytics

Not yet available:
Unit 5 - Navigating Google Analytics reports
Unit 6 - Navigating Conversions reports
Final assessment

Since I have been a Google Analytics user for several years (more than 5 years), there are new and enhanced features. At last, Google Analytics also included on how to monitor mobile apps / mobile tracking. Goals, Conversion and Tracking are well explained. Am glad that I was able to understand this before and implemented it correctly.

The questions on some activities are kinda tricky, so you have to focus on the video and understand the process. Setting up a dummy/trial Google Analytics is really cool. You have to pay attention on the details because there are fields that are not available so you have to use your brain to resolve it :) LOL am talking about the 'tagging' feature, hahaha.

The last two units will be available next week and final assessment will end on October 30.

Happy Learning!


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