Tips for Launching an Entrepreneurial Venture When You Don’t Know Where to Start

Being an entrepreneur has a lot of enticing perks, such as the ability to work on your terms and succeed based on your own ideas. However, it’s intimidating to quit your job and start pursuing an entrepreneurial venture. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do now in your free time before diving into entrepeneurialship head-first. Below, find out what you can do to build confidence in your idea and take action towards making it a reality. Image via Unsplash Think About FinancingA lack of capital is one of the main reasons entrepreneurs fail. Starting a business is expensive, even if you plan on being a sole proprietor who works from home. In the early stages, it helps to consider how much it will cost to get started and where you can secure funding if you haven’t got enough money to fuel your idea independently. Running a crowdfunding campaign is a great way to get funding from people who want to see you succeed. To help get more attention for your campaign, be sure to reach out to Glamou…

[Press Release] LG Paves the Way for the Future of Education with Transformative Learning

Across the world, the pandemic created a seismic shift in how we as a people interact and do business with one another. Dining out, watching movies, even the simple act of shaking someone’s hand has fundamentally changed. Every imaginable industry was given only a few months to adapt. One of the industries affected the most is the education sector, ever since we’ve grown accustomed to face-to-face learning in classrooms. With no immediate end in sight for the pandemic, like everyone else, the necessity to adapt is present.

The recently concluded EduTECH Philippines 2020 conference displayed how adapting to the new normal is possible. The conference was supposed to be held physically but had to abruptly transition to a digital platform. It served as a welcome opportunity to exhibit how the future of teaching and education can be shaped through technology. LG, one of the global leaders in technology innovation, joined #EduTECHPhil together with over 40 other presentations, all giving de…

[Press Release] Love Plus Charity Foundation Gives Back by Helping Filipinos In Need During the Pandemic

Our lives have been disrupted and impacted by the pandemic in unprecedented ways. The corona virus has affected our day to day lives and is slowing down the economy for almost six months – and people still cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. During these hard times, an organization who works under the radar are helping Filipinos to cope up on the effects of the pandemic.
Love Plus Charity Foundation, an organization founded by Chinese national, Hu Sun, started to provide aid in their own little ways by means of food delivery for front liners on different checkpoints, across several cities back in March when the government imposed city lockdowns in the country. The organization wanted to reach remote areas that were not focused on by mainstream media – which draw attention from several individuals and organizations, that lead to the growth of donation to the foundation.

 “We are not brothers by blood, but we think of Filipinos as a part of our family because they welcomed us …

Exchange your Coins to Cash at Coinstar!

I'm looking for quarters for laundry so I thought it'll be a good idea to start searching from my coinbank and coin purses. There's a coin shortage in United States since the pandemic because people don't go out and shop or pay thru cash so some business establishments are offering to exchange your coins. I only go out once on a weekend to go grocery shopping for my weekly essentials. I knew there's a Coinstar machine at Jewel-Osco so I decided to go there and brought my coins. 
1. You have to select which method you would like to get paid: Cash, E-giftcard, donate it to charity or buy Bitcoins from the machine!2. After confirming, pour the coins to the machine. Rejected coins are coming out at the bottom so you can pick up again and throw it again. 3. Once all coins went inside the machine, select "you're done" with the transaction and receipt will be issued from the machine.4. Go to the nearest cashier to exchange it for cash. Then you're all set…

[Press Release] Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach interviews “candidates” seeking to join online ESL platform 51Talk

Manila, Philippines – 51Talk, together with their new Philippine brand ambassador, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, held its first-ever live stream interview via Facebook after hundreds of aspiring online English teachers signed-up to get a chance to be part of the show. The live stream is part of 51Talk’s campaign to invite qualified Filipinos who are interested to take advantage of the 30,000 home-based online teaching opportunities offered by 51Talk where people can teach, learn and most importantly – earn. 
Listed in the New York Stock Exchange, 51Talk is the leading online English education platform that connects thousands of Filipino teachers to foreign English language learners via an interactive virtual classroom.
More than 70,000 viewers tuned in and joined the fun and inspiring live stream which allowed them to learn more about the teach at home opportunity and acquainted them with the application process that can be completed in as fast as three days. Pia interviewed nine pr…

Marvel Universe Live

Super heroes and fans Assemble! This live action-packed innovative battle has been so successful!
I saw the commercial on TV and I immediately purchased our tickets. It was held at All State Arena in Rosemont, IL so it's an easy commute on a summer day of September 2015.

Featuring your favorite Marvel superheroes from Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and their best villains battle on stage! I love the entire show and Loki's charisma never fails the audience! The set has the best cutting-edge technology special effects, aerial stunts and video projection. This event is for all ages. I enjoyed the entire show especially watching the amazing stunts and storyline. I even lined up for souvenirs just to buy the special tumbler that glows! I hope there will be another show (another storyline) so that I can watch it again.

I captured some clips during the show and I hope you enjoy watching.

Mold-A-Rama: An instant toy vending machine

I visited the Field Museum in Chicago and I encountered this mold-a-rama machine. To my curiosity, I inserted my money (forgot if it's $3 or $5), selected the toy I wanted and then the machine started working. This molding process took only a minute, the two aluminum plates holds the melted plastic and then cooled and hardened. The best part of this is you'll able to take this home right away after it's created. I love to collect plastic dinosaur toys!

Mold-a-Rama company was established in 1960s in Chicago and it's one of the best souvenir I've ever had during my visit to the museum.

The machines have different toy features during your museum or zoo visit. So you better check out if they have special designs. Also, another tip is to look around the surroundings. There maybe a lot of interesting toy machine souvenirs (aside from coins, pins, magnets).

Here's the official website and the list of toys:

Happy 4th of July: Quarantine Edition

Parades, concerts and fireworks in our neighborhood are all canceled due to Covid-19. So,  I compile some photos and videos from last year's celebration.

Happy 4th of July!

Facebook Messenger Rooms is now available!

We tested the new Facebook Messenger Rooms yesterday. I saw that it rolled out on my Facebook account so I invited some of my family and friends to try it. Rooms have no time limits and can host up to 50 people (I can now imagine the chaos of people talking at the same time!). You can also join even if you don't have a Facebook account. Just click the invite link and you're able to join. There were some issues for some users who don't update their Facebook Messenger app and browser compatibility.

1. "Create a Room" is located on Facebook account above my Stories

2. Create A room: Select room activity, Who is invited and time (you can set your own schedule)

3. Select your Room Activity: can be anything you want to describe your room like coffee break, hanging out, karaoke, get together and you can also custom your own activity.

4. Invite Specific friends - you can select you can enter your room or Skip if you want to send a link to people (even random people that are …

My Quarantine Life Video

On our 50th day of self-quarantine and stay at home order in United States. I'm currently working from home and went outside 3x since March 15 when stay at home order was implemented.

I've created a short video clip on my daily life and stuff that I did during those days. Nothing much to detail, more on eating! Just to remind everyone to continue practice social distancing, wash your hands, sanitize and call your health provider if you're not feeling well (don't go outside).

I went to my doctor appointment on April and there were very strict when I called to schedule my visit. They asked first how are you feeling and some questions related to symptoms of Covid-19. They also asked if someone in the family is sick or if you have been exposed to someone who has been tested positive. When I entered the front entrance of the clinic, there were nurses standing by. I registered my name and they took my temperature. Upon entering the counter to check in, it took me like few mi…