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Summer is fast approaching and you know what that means - it’s time to party (responsibly, of course). The best place to catch up with friends and family in a socially responsible way is to hold the gathering at the comfort of home. Having house events, whether it’s a pool party, a karaoke contest, or a simple catching up session, lets you celebrate while maintaining safety as a priority. One of the best ways to chill and keep the vibe going during house parties is to have a great sound system. Even if guests are socially distancing themselves, they’ll still be able to enjoy the music or program you’ve prepared. LG’s XBOOM CL88 offers a powerful 2900-watt sound that is sure to keep your party going strong until late in the evening. If you feel the sound is still lacking, you can link multiple units to double the power.  If dancing is on everyone’s mind, the LG’s XBOOM CL88 has colored lights that flash in sync with the music to add excitement and atmosphere to parties. If you or one of

5 Tips to Live a Healthy Lifestyle While on a Budget

Healthy Living offers many benefits, such as significant improvements to your physical and mental well-being and overall longevity. But if you’re committed to living healthy, you’ll also know how expensive it is. In fact, a study by Harvard says healthy alternatives cost more than 1.5 times their regular counterparts. But lucky for you, our team at Glamour Moments has tips to help you manage your lifestyle while on a budget. Let’s get into it. Workout At Home According to Fleet Street Magazine , working out at home can be as effective as heading to the gym. At the end of the day, it comes down to moving your body - preferably for at least 30 minutes a day, doctors recommend. You could do this by walking around your neighborhood or following along with your favorite fitness influencer on YouTube or other free platforms. Investing in a few cheap basics like a Bosu ball, weights, and resistance bands can be another way to level up your at-home regimen on a budget.  Shop the European wa