5 Tips to Live a Healthy Lifestyle While on a Budget

Healthy Living offers many benefits, such as significant improvements to your physical and mental well-being and overall longevity. But if you’re committed to living healthy, you’ll also know how expensive it is. In fact, a study by Harvard says healthy alternatives cost more than 1.5 times their regular counterparts. But lucky for you, our team at Glamour Moments has tips to help you manage your lifestyle while on a budget. Let’s get into it.

  1. Workout At Home

According to Fleet Street Magazine, working out at home can be as effective as heading to the gym. At the end of the day, it comes down to moving your body - preferably for at least 30 minutes a day, doctors recommend. You could do this by walking around your neighborhood or following along with your favorite fitness influencer on YouTube or other free platforms. Investing in a few cheap basics like a Bosu ball, weights, and resistance bands can be another way to level up your at-home regimen on a budget. 

  1. Shop the European way

Americans tend to buy their groceries for the week, which they then use for meals each day. On the other hand, Europeans tend to buy fewer groceries each time they head to the market, choosing instead to buy only what they need for a day or two. This can help you significantly cut down on food costs, as you’re not spending money on food you won’t consume. Another habit European shoppers tend to follow is to buy the freshest produce possible from local vendors. This is a great way to support small businesses while getting the best fruits and veggies out there. It is also more cost-effective than shopping at big box stores!

  1. Kickstart Your Health Business

Once you’re in the healthy swing of things, you may want to consider monetizing your lifestyle. This is a great way to incentivize yourself to stick to your health goals while turning your habits into a side hustle. For example, you could choose to start an affiliate marketing blog about healthy tips and patterns, perhaps even focusing on money-saving wellness practices. You could also choose to open that business you’ve always wanted and give it a health focus. If you decide to go down this route, make sure you collect payments from your clients promptly and accurately. Use an invoice generator to make the process easier. Using a template will allow you to create professional invoices that reflect your brand and logo. You’ll need to choose from pre-made templates, after which you can customize your invoice, and add information like name, logo, brand colors, and more. 

  1. Think Savings All the way

The great thing about enjoying a healthy lifestyle is that you can creep in savings in small ways. For example, watching your health can result in lower health insurance premiums. Walking or biking can help you save money while also benefiting your well-being. Cooking at home and learning the art of making drinks can significantly cut down costs over the weekend or when you choose to meet friends. You’ll see the savings really add up by making small changes in these ways.

  1. Free Apps

There are lots of apps and services that can help you with your health journey. The good news is that they are easily accessible with the click of a button, and free to boot! Apps like MyFitnessPal and LifeSum can help you keep track of your eating goals, while fitness apps like Nike Training Club, Obe, and Freeletics offer programs for running, yoga, and everything in between. You can also utilize apps like BetterHelp and Mindspace to focus on your mental wellbeing. 

Don’t miss out on a healthy life because you think it’s too expensive. The great thing about customizing your lifestyle is that you can make tweaks that won’t break the bank. It’s to get healthy today!

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About the author:

Emma Grace Brown lives her life by her rules; and it works! When she's not snuggling puppies, Emma promotes female empowerment through her website. Her mission is to help those who live with self-doubt to realize they don't have to mold themselves to conventionality.


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