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Digital Cleansing version 2015

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I admit, checking Social Media sites is considered one of my 'worst' habit these days. Why? because sometimes it ate my 'nap' time and living in a different time zone is pretty much difficult to deal with specially when you're about to sleep and your friends start messaging you (am not complaining hehe!).

This year, it is a great opportunity for you to perform digital cleansing not only during lenten season but also whenever you feel like disconnecting yourself to the entire cyberspace and spend sometime alone to explore the beauty of nature.

I know this is a very hard stuff to do specially if your work involves around the Internet. Digital cleansing is not just staying away from Facebook but also it is an opportunity for you to strengthen …

NELTEX: The Solution to Major Pipeline Problems

Climate change and urbanization have affected the requirements in the pipeline industry. Typhoons and storm surges cause heavy flooding which in turn put heavy pressure on the water pipes and underground electrical pipes.

NELTEX provided a solution to that by creating state-of-the-art, durable and reliable pipes, joints and seals that are 100% leak-free, which makes it health-safe and environmentally friendly.

For pipe leakage problems, there is NELTEX PVC PRESSURELINE PIPES with machine-installed fixed seal solution that ensures no errors because the jointing and gasket are a certified fit to the pipes.

Also available are the chemical-resistant NELTEX PVC SEWERGUARD PIPE with SEWERLOCK SEAL, and PVC POWERGUARD PIPES with POWERLOCK for waterproofing and air tightening electrical cables.

NELTEX Development Corporation continues to develop pipes that respond to the needs of times. To know more about NELTEX Pipes, visit their website at and the NELTEX Facebook fanpage at http:…

MOCAFE: San Juan’s New All-Day Breakfast Stop

“We make the most important meal available for you anytime” is MoCafe’s slogan. Open from 8am to 8pm, you can enjoy breakfast food any time of day at a low price. MoCafe is at F. Blumentritt corner Victory Streets in San Juan. Located at the 2nd floor of MoTech Automotive, most people assume the café is exclusive to MoTech clients but it is in fact open for everyone.

Owned and operated by Chef Julia Enriquez, diners can enjoy quality breakfast and amenities good restaurants offer like Wi-Fi, cable TV, clean restroom and power outlets. Chef Julia chose to open an all-day breakfast joint because she says she’s “in love with breakfast”. She wanted to be different in a way that anyone can afford but with amenities like those of the usual restaurants.

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MoCafe offers unpretentious food, as simple as the food you share with your family. “Comfort food at its finest” would be a perfect description to the food they serve as eve…

[Video] Neighborhoods of the World - Philippines

Finally, winter is almost over. So we decided to visit Navy Pier in Chicago to check the Piyestang Pinoy. Here's the video (sorry for the shaky parts, it's so hard to capture this awesome cultural dance performances).

March 15: Philippine Celebration
In partnership with Consulate General Philippines and Philippine American Cultural Foundation

Navy Pier is proud to celebrate the rich tapestry of Chicago’s diverse communities at Neighborhoods of the World, an annual cultural tribute, presented in collaboration with community arts organizations, consulates and museums. Over the course of eight weeks, celebrate the many cultures of our world-class city by enjoying lively folk music, traditional dance, cuisine and crafts from various ethnic Chicago communities. Come travel the world without ever leaving your backyard! This event is free and open to the public


Set up your Facebook Page Call to Action button in an instant!

Friends, now you can integrate the Facebook Page Call to Action buttons! Yes, that is correct, you may include buttons like Shop now, Book now or Contact Us on your Facebook Cover Page.

Login to your Facebook Page and check if you are eligible to apply this feature. I think Facebook has started rolling out the feature worldwide. Just wait for it :)

Here in the US, the buttons can now be seen in our cover page

Simply Click the "Create Call to Action"

Then Choose button that you would like to appear on your page. Make sure you have provided the appropriate landing page. I chose "Contact Us" and pin point the button to my Contact Page.

Tadahhhh, the Contact page is already implemented. You have the liberty to edit the buttons if you would like to experiment and see how your fans will reach out to you.

How about you? Have you tried Facebook Call to Action? Share your experiences below!


Things you need to know about Easter Sunday blogging

If you are looking for a new strategy that will bring traffic to your blog, consider posting 'seasonal events.' This kind of strategy increase your social media presence and search engine rankings. Why? because users (all over the world) are searching for the same content just like searching for Valentine's gift or Christmas presents.

First, login to your Google Analytics. Track back your traffic from last Easter and look for possible keyword searches (if you have posted Easter activities from the past) and analyze how many traffic you have received from that time.

Then, list down those keywords that landed back from your website. Now perform Googling to research some new terms.

Here's how you can win this thing. When EASTER is fast approaching, you may start 'Googling' these terms:

breakfast treats for Easter Weekend
hotel deals for Easter Sunday
Easter egg hunt parties
Where to buy Easter egg candies
history of Easter Egg hunt
Easter Sunday Practices

---and a lot more!…

AXN Announces “Asia’s Got Talent” Premiere: 12 March 2015, Thursday 8.05pm

Manila, Philippines – AXN announces today that “Asia’s Got Talent” is set to premiere first on AXN on 12 March 2015, airing on Thursdays at 8.05pm (SG, MY, PH, HK) / 7.05pm (JKT, BKK). The series is the biggest talent competition in the world featuring some of the region’s most incredible performing artists as they compete to take home the coveted winning title.

Officially launching “Asia’s Got Talent” today is the series’ esteemed celebrity judging panel made up of 16 time Grammy-winning Canadian musician David Foster, UK pop sensation and former Spice Girl Melanie C., Indonesian rock icon Anggun, and Taiwanese-American pop idol and actor Van Ness Wu. The judges met with 500 members of the media, sponsors and partners for the first time at the “Asia’s Got Talent” showcase held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

“Asia’s Got Talent” is the 63rd adaptation of the Guinness-World-Record-breaking hit “Got Talent” format, which was created by Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment and is co-produce…