Things you need to know about Easter Sunday blogging

If you are looking for a new strategy that will bring traffic to your blog, consider posting 'seasonal events.' This kind of strategy increase your social media presence and search engine rankings. Why? because users (all over the world) are searching for the same content just like searching for Valentine's gift or Christmas presents.

First, login to your Google Analytics. Track back your traffic from last Easter and look for possible keyword searches (if you have posted Easter activities from the past) and analyze how many traffic you have received from that time.

Then, list down those keywords that landed back from your website. Now perform Googling to research some new terms.

Here's how you can win this thing. When EASTER is fast approaching, you may start 'Googling' these terms:

  • breakfast treats for Easter Weekend

  • hotel deals for Easter Sunday

  • Easter egg hunt parties

  • Where to buy Easter egg candies

  • history of Easter Egg hunt

  • Easter Sunday Practices

---and a lot more!---

Then, there are Easter Mall events. Bring your kids and register for the activity. Or if you are invited to cover the events, make sure you document everything from the set up to the actual program. From there you can start creating your 2015 Easter Sunday post base from the activity aftermath.

If you're generous enough, most hotels in metro have Easter package. Why not bring the entire family and celebrate this awesome event.

Start planning your Easter post and I'm pretty sure that this will bring huge traffic to your site. Otherwise, you'll miss this rare opportunity and will wait for another season to write something memorable on your blog.

You may also check your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and browse for meaningful posts about Easter.

Of course, as a Catholic, we have our own special and meaningful ways of repenting this Lenten Season. Some started blogging from Ash Wednesday and documenting all activities they're practicing until Easter Sunday.

My next post is about Digital Cleansing. In relation to Lenten Season project blogging.


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