Digital Cleansing version 2015

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I admit, checking Social Media sites is considered one of my 'worst' habit these days. Why? because sometimes it ate my 'nap' time and living in a different time zone is pretty much difficult to deal with specially when you're about to sleep and your friends start messaging you (am not complaining hehe!).

This year, it is a great opportunity for you to perform digital cleansing not only during lenten season but also whenever you feel like disconnecting yourself to the entire cyberspace and spend sometime alone to explore the beauty of nature.

I know this is a very hard stuff to do specially if your work involves around the Internet. Digital cleansing is not just staying away from Facebook but also it is an opportunity for you to strengthen your relationship with God, spiritually.

I also encourage everyone to clean up your Social Media profiles if you have extra time, remove unnecessary posts, set some posts to private (if you don't want your profiles to be viewed by strangers in the world), and save some space on your email by trashing all those spams in your inbox.

And, stop making selfies in the middle of your pilgrimage. Save those photos once you have completed your holy journey. I discourage bringing celfone or cameras...Holy week is the best time to repent and those selfies in Easter Sunday.

Other habits to exclude during lenten season are: alcohol drinking, partying every weekends, excessive eating of chocolates or junk foods, not being nice to everyone, and gambling. I didn't include watching TV (Netflix, hehe) because I'm going to watch "The Bible" and the new AD.

So, how about you? what are your practices? you may share your digital cleansing experience on my comment box below!
Have a blessed Holy week to everyone. Signing off.


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