NELTEX: The Solution to Major Pipeline Problems

Climate change and urbanization have affected the requirements in the pipeline industry. Typhoons and storm surges cause heavy flooding which in turn put heavy pressure on the water pipes and underground electrical pipes.

NELTEX provided a solution to that by creating state-of-the-art, durable and reliable pipes, joints and seals that are 100% leak-free, which makes it health-safe and environmentally friendly.


For pipe leakage problems, there is NELTEX PVC PRESSURELINE PIPES with machine-installed fixed seal solution that ensures no errors because the jointing and gasket are a certified fit to the pipes.

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Also available are the chemical-resistant NELTEX PVC SEWERGUARD PIPE with SEWERLOCK SEAL, and PVC POWERGUARD PIPES with POWERLOCK for waterproofing and air tightening electrical cables.

NELTEX Development Corporation continues to develop pipes that respond to the needs of times. To know more about NELTEX Pipes, visit their website at and the NELTEX Facebook fanpage at

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