Set up your Facebook Page Call to Action button in an instant!

Friends, now you can integrate the Facebook Page Call to Action buttons! Yes, that is correct, you may include buttons like Shop now, Book now or Contact Us on your Facebook Cover Page.

Login to your Facebook Page and check if you are eligible to apply this feature. I think Facebook has started rolling out the feature worldwide. Just wait for it :)

Here in the US, the buttons can now be seen in our cover page

call to action fb

Simply Click the "Create Call to Action"

choose button

Then Choose button that you would like to appear on your page. Make sure you have provided the appropriate landing page. I chose "Contact Us" and pin point the button to my Contact Page.

contact us buttonTadahhhh, the Contact page is already implemented. You have the liberty to edit the buttons if you would like to experiment and see how your fans will reach out to you.

How about you? Have you tried Facebook Call to Action? Share your experiences below!




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