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Why I'm NOT blogging?

Someone asked me, you don't have much posts on your blog . Are you quitting from blogging? I answered, "I'm taking a long break in posting and I don't have much time to think on contents to write." It's easier to say, I don't have much passion lately because I am busy but if I have a chance to open my blog and start to write something really interesting. Another reason is WE (yes, we're a group here contributing on this blog) keep on searching for something that we really love and instead of copy pasting a press release from the event that we weren't invited, we will keep our blog as personal and informative. All of us are busy with our careers and we always talk on how we will keep the blog running. We just renewed my domain and hosting so that means, we are still blogging! Most of the time, people forget to search in topics in search engines instead they go to Social Media which played an important role in promoting brands and stori

Living Your Best Life: The Ultimate Self-Improvement Guide for 2019

As much fun as those New Year’s Eve parties might be, they’re not the only reason to celebrate the start of a new year. The entire month of January can ignite a creative fire, a desire to get fit and healthy, or even spark an interest in self-improvement. Perhaps that’s why the start of the year is also the most popular time to publish self-help books. Regardless of what you’re looking to bring into your life this year, a great place to start is by setting goals so you have something to aim for. Keep reading for the ultimate list of ways you can live your best life this year. Photo via Pexels Start Your Own Business Starting a business might not necessarily be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of self-improvement, but maybe it should be. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, taking the leap into business ownership might be a perfect fit for you. Whether you plan to freelance, work in the gig economy, or get a loan for a brick-and-mortar business, it