Why I'm NOT blogging?

Someone asked me, you don't have much posts on your blog. Are you quitting from blogging? I answered, "I'm taking a long break in posting and I don't have much time to think on contents to write." It's easier to say, I don't have much passion lately because I am busy but if I have a chance to open my blog and start to write something really interesting.

Another reason is WE (yes, we're a group here contributing on this blog) keep on searching for something that we really love and instead of copy pasting a press release from the event that we weren't invited, we will keep our blog as personal and informative. All of us are busy with our careers and we always talk on how we will keep the blog running. We just renewed my domain and hosting so that means, we are still blogging!

Most of the time, people forget to search in topics in search engines instead they go to Social Media which played an important role in promoting brands and stories on the Internet. We may find different information in a minute through shared stories by our family and friends rather than reading a legit online news website. Gaining an audience on our blog is also a challenge. We don't post too much of information but they said we should keep on promoting ourselves - our brand, our blog. Glamour Moments uses auto-post syndication in Social Media so that it would be easier for us to automatically share the information. Sometimes, we're lazy to login to our accounts and stay for couple of minutes. People may find our page boring, but bear with us. We will try our best to keep it alive, as possible.

We also don't write for FREE stuff. We always hear about FREE trips, FREE samples, FREE adventures and FREE FREE FREE… We know in blogging industry, free isn't free. You paid for your transportation, your Internet subscription, your electricity bill and sometimes you BUY their products to promote them. FREE is such a misleading word and it's catchy to everyone to grab it without hesitation. It may look appealing but we make sure our blog isn't just receiving free stuff but giving you an honest opinion on what we think of your products and services. We know some companies hire "elite and top influencers" to review their products. We admired their energy and dedication. We value their hard work and serve as an inspiration to us! We're not famous like them, but we will be supporting their work through sharing their posts and trusting the brands they promote.

We read a lot of inquiries from newbie bloggers to different blogging community asking on how to make money online? Yes, you can earn money online but you have to build your brand first. You don't ask for money. Opportunity will come to you! If all you can think is how to earn money from blogging, then, blogging isn't right for you. Find a job and stop wasting your time asking. You should start planning and create a goal on how you will become a better blogger. We're lucky we have our regular jobs so making money through blogging is not our main goal. Our goal is to keep this blog active and write something we want to share.

We also started to invite guest bloggers to post on our blog. So, if you want to share your story (should be unique story) on our blog, feel free to reach us out through our contact page. You can post any business related ideas, motivational, and career inspirational stories. For non-profit organizations, commercial or brand related story, we can discuss on how we can help you and use our blog to share your information.

To all bloggers around the world, keep on blogging!!!


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